Arts, Workshops and Festivities - Belgrade Irish Fest 2018

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For the 6th year in a row, Belgrade will have the honor of hosting a festival that promotes the vibrant culture of Ireland. Lasting from March 9th until the 18th, on multiple locations all across town, you'll have a unique opportunity to visit various art exhibitions, movie premiers, live concerts and handy workshops.

This year's festival, cheerfully named "Springtime in Belgrade" is as perfect way to kickstart Belgrade's festival season. 

Belgrade's in for an exciting week and the same goes for all hotels and hostels alike. This festival, like many others, attracts visitors from all over Europe and booking a perfect accommodation carries with it a certain amount of stress, when it really doesn't have to. Renting one of our Belgrade apartments can rid you of those problems in a matter of minutes, whilst giving you a high level of comfort and privacy at shockingly low prices.


The star of this years festival is definitely the renown Irish singer-songwriter Mundy. He's going to perform an array of hits such as "July", "To You I Bestow" as well as his critically acclaimed cover of Steve Earle's "Galway Girl". His albums have gone platinum many times over in Ireland and he is sure to give a strong, cheery performance overflowing with strong emotions.


You will have a chance to see some of the latest achievements from the world of Irish cinema. Excellent examples of such endeavours are "Talking to my Father" a documentary by Simon Walker as well as "Medicated Milk", a movie about Lucia Joyce, a famous dancer and the daughter of the writer James Joyce. Irish film doesn't get the attention it deserves and that's why this is a precious opportunity for all movie buffs looking to take a break from Hollywood cliches and experience a different kind of movie magic.   


A competition-like workshop that offers a GoPro camera as it's first prize is reason enough for all photography enthusiasts to come and show off their skills. Aside from that, famous Irish photographer Nigel Swann will be opening his alluring exhibit named "Borderlands".


Rich, is how we will describe this year's program when it comes to theater. "WTF What are we doing here?" is a play that takes a very strong stance on immigration while "Confessions of an immigrant" represents a humorous depiction of one man's trip to the East. These plays have high artistic value while offering relevant social commentary at the same time. Definitely thought provoking and definitely worth your time. 


This year marks the 100th anniversary of Allied victory in World War I and the festival will honor the brave men of the 10th Irish division, who fought alongside soldiers from Serbia, France and Greece at the Salonika front in 1918. The lecture will include renown guests from the University of Dublin as well as their colleagues from the University of Belgrade.

Saint Patrick's Day

March 17th is the day when we should celebrate the patron saint of  Ireland, and celebrate we most certainly will! Well-known all over the globe as one of the biggest parties of the year, this night is expected to be the highlight of the festival. As we all know, green is the color of Ireland and that's why many pubs will serve pint after pint of green beer and even Belgrade's very own Ada bridge will be lit up in green to commemorate the occasion. Various Irish-themed parties and concerts will be held all over the city and visitors of the festival will have a chance to discover unique flavors of Irish cuisine made with a Serbian twist. After a long and exciting night of partying, when everyone heads back to their hotels or Belgrade apartments, unique atmosphere will still be felt throughout Serbia's capital.

Music, Food, Film or Theater, wherever your interests may lie, the effervescent and rich culture of Ireland can offer something special for each and every one of you. Promotion of Ireland's culture is still a very young tradition in Serbia and one that is surely to live on and grow in the years to come.


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