Where to go for the weekend

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Where to go for the weekend 
Cities in Serbia
In addition to many primarily tourist places, cities in Serbia are becoming increasingly desirable destinations, especially for day trips or weekends. The development of cities in Serbia has led to the fact that they can offer their visitors a variety of content, a lot of good entertainment and excellent accommodation units, which are certainly an important category when we make a decision about where to go for the weekend. The best representatives of these claims are the three largest Serbian cities, located in different parts of the country - Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis. 
Belgrade and its wide offer 
Belgrade is a real treasure trove of various contents and attractions, which will provide its visitors with new and beautiful experiences. If you have decided to hand over your free moments to the capital of Serbia, it is certain that he will reciprocate in the best possible way. Two days in the capital will force you to select a certain number of contents from the wide offer that suit you the most and that will refresh you the best. In order to make it easier for you to reach this important choice, we have singled out the most attractive Belgrade attractions for you. 
Ada Ciganlija and all its beauties
Belgrade Sea, green and water oasis of the capital and a place with the largest offer of various activities. A place where peace, recreation, fun, education, joys on the water, relaxation with a perfect view and adrenaline adventures come together. This peninsula has been attracting attention since the 19th century, when Prince Miloš Obrenović awarded it the title of state property, which still goes by the name of Ada Ciganlija. Today, as many as 450 plant species, diverse fauna, high quality water and a high degree of maintenance of all beauties are preserved on this surface. All this has made this Belgrade oasis, for several years in a row, carry the Blue Flag award, which marks success in the field of ecology, promotion of environmental protection, water quality and safety on the beaches. Ada is therefore a natural asset of exceptional importance for the entire area of ​​Serbia. In addition, this area is a set of quality attractions from which weout: 
singleSwimming and sunbathing on the Sava Lake - the largest outdoor swimming pool in Serbia, with water of exceptional quality and superior landscaping of the sunbathing area.
Various sports activities - Ada allows sports connoisseurs to enjoy a rich offer of sports facilities. You and your friends have at their disposal landscaped courts and tracks for: football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, baseball rugby, golf, cycling and rollerblading. Water lovers can enjoy kayaking, rowing or sport fishing. 
Ada offers many opportunities for recreation and relaxation, and there is a trim park, trim trail or yoga park at your disposal. The tourist organization has also developed a Center for Persons with Disabilities, where people with special needs can socialize and have fun within the landscaped grounds with locker rooms, equipment storage space and an outdoor recreation facility. 
Fearless adrenaline lovers on Ada will find a multitude of their favorite activities. Bungee jump, Adventure park, Skiing and snowboarding, Paintball, Aqua ski, Artificial rock - sport climbing, diving - a long list of exciting activities that you will enjoy with top equipment and experienced instructors. 
The comprehensiveness of the offer on Ada is there to provide beautiful moments for the youngest, and numerous interesting children's playgrounds have been built, in which children can develop their creativity and spend energy in the right way. The youngest on Ada can also acquire scientific knowledge within the Science Park, which is built in order for children to acquire knowledge in physics, astronomy, mathematics, geography and psychology of perception through play. Picnic areas, a city on the water, Vozić, which runs along the entire peninsula, and Pedalina are also in charge of beautiful family moments.   
In the end, the necessary dose of hedonism will be provided by beautiful cafes with a view of the blue-green surface, which provide a good time during the night hours. The Beer Garden festival is also in charge of that, which has been beautifying June, July and August on Ada since 2015. Over 70 concerts are held during the festival, which are enjoyed by both domestic and foreign tourists. All of the above shows that just one weekend is not enough to fully enjoy the facilities that Ada provides. Months and years are not enough to get to know all its charms. 
How to get to Ada
For all those who want to get to the beautiful facilities of Ada using public transport, weout the available public transport lines: 
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