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  • In the heart of New Belgrade, between the streets of Jurija Gagarina, Španskih boraca, Đorđa Stanojevića, and Dr. Agostina Neta, the Belvil settlement, a real small town within Belgrade, found its place. The Belvil settlement is our area's first conceptual settlement, characterized by exceptional functionality, high-quality innovation in the construction method, and modernity in every field.

    Origin and development of the settlement

    It was built in 2007 and, in 2009, was used as accommodation for athletes within the sports manifestation of the Universiade. The first owners received the keys to the apartment at the end of 2009. The whole concept of this settlement is based on the excellent functionality and wealth of content it offers today. The settlement project was conceived as a completely new concept of life and successfully realized.

    The perfect and highly favorable location of this settlement makes it take precedence over other parts of New Belgrade and the entire city. The roads around the settlement successfully connect it with the rest of the town quickly and efficiently. Since this complex is located near the highway and the Ada bridge, the possibilities for quick and easy transport and transportation are great. Exceptional connections with the rest of New Belgrade make the Belvil neighborhood almost ideal for life but also a business.

    Appearance of the Belvil settlement

    Advantages of the settlement

    In addition to the almost perfect location, the Belvil settlement has an efficient way of maintenance and arrangement. All green areas within the territory are maintained daily; cleanliness and other technical elements are the primary things in the settlement, while the safety of residents is at the highest level. Also, the entire city infrastructure under the streets is entirely new, so water supply, sewerage, electricity, PTT, and other necessary life means are of absolute quality. In addition, each apartment located within the settlement has its essential documentation, while all apartments are correctly registered. The accommodation is also equipped with access ramps for buildings, and the uncontrolled movement of people with disabilities is fully enabled. As a result, a satisfied buyer does not have to worry about the safety and validity of the process when buying an apartment and informing about it.

    The Belvil settlement and the real estate located within the complex provide people with modern and highly comfortable housing. This is supported by the fact that all 130,000 square meters have been sold. It only confirms that the apartments were built and designed at the highest level. All apartments are characterized by highly high-quality construction, modern equipment, and the most current electronic installation. This complex contains different types and square footage of apartments - from studios through one- and two-room apartments, all the way to spacious three- and four-room apartments. Also, a great convenience is a garage at each entrance.

    View of the river Sava and the Ada bridge

    Facilities and business buildings

    Since the Belvil neighborhood is characterized by an excellent organization and a location accessible to all Belgraders, on the ground floor of each building, there are various business premises, such as cafes, restaurants, shops, boutiques, beauty and hair salons, healthy food, and other services necessary for a decent life for every one man. Also, within the Belvil complex are several pharmacies, the Jedro Health Center, dental surgeries, various tourist agencies, foreign language schools, and many exciting things for children. In the vicinity of the Belvil settlement, but its composition, there is also the famous shopping center Delta city, which offers a variety of high-quality services to all users. All these benefits make it easier for clients to choose this settlement since it provides everything a modern man needs for his thriving family and social and business development.

    Restaurants and cafes

    Since Belvil is almost teeming with various business establishments, bars, and other attractions, catering establishments have also found their place under the Sun. Several high-quality and frequented bars attract the residents of this neighborhood and other Belgraders and tourists daily to visit them and enjoy the modern and luxurious part of Belgrade, along with traditional Serbian specialties.

    The surroundings of the Belvil settlement

    Food and Drinks

    Food and Drinks is one of the most popular fast food establishments in New Belgrade, located on Jurija Gagarina Street. With their diverse offer and assortment, they successfully satisfy customers eager for good and tasty food. In the pleasant atmosphere of the building, but also of the entire Belvil settlement, you can enjoy hearty and delicious sandwiches, fresh salads rich in vitamins, and sweet pancakes. We also offer natural fruit juices that will additionally invigorate and give strength for daily tasks. Loyal customers are a confirmation of quality and taste, and you can see for yourself!

    Azzaro Belville

    Restaurant Azzaro is synonymous with top specialties, high quality, and a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy. The flavors of traditional and international things will awaken all your senses and certainly not leave you indifferent. In addition, top service and friendly staff will contribute to your atmosphere and impression, and you will enjoy tasting high-quality and tasty dishes and drinks. Also, the restaurant organizes discounts on different words daily, contributing to their professionalism and expertise. Finally, along with the beautiful ambiance, there is always music, which will make the stay in the restaurant even more pleasant.

    Gastro Pub

    Dedicated work, constant effort, and professional staff made Gastro Pub catering one of the best in the whole city. Many years of experience organizing drinks, food, and staff for various types of celebrations have allowed them to gain customer trust. Also, Gastro Pub has a meal delivery service, which multiple firms and companies choose. In addition, Gastro Pub also provides delivery of prepared food. It's enough to order, and they will quickly bring it to your home address or work.

    Delta City Mall

    In the Belvil neighborhood on Jurija Gagarina Street, Delta City is one of the most popular shopping centers in New Belgrade. It attracts more and more Belgraders and tourists daily, while its offers and services are increasing. The shopping center was built in 2007, and today it consists of around 130 shops. The most diverse domestic and foreign brands have found their place right there. There is also a multiplex cinema, areas for children's entertainment, restaurants, fast food, cafes, and many other facilities.

    Top 5 the best apartments in Belleville - An ideal place for a long or short vacation in the capital

    Apartments in Belleville are luxurious and modernly equipped apartments that stand out from others due to their quality. They represent an ideal place for longer and shorter vacations and relaxation in the capital. We offer several high-quality and comfortable apartments in which quality rest is guaranteed. Below we offer you the top 5 best apartments in Belleville, which will make your vacation unforgettable with their equipment, comfort, and exceptional view of the rest of the city.

    Apartment Atina

    Apartment Atina is a fully furnished Lux apartment suitable for a maximum of 4 people. It is on the seventh floor of a residential building with two elevators, and the apartment is equipped with brand new and modern furniture. This luxuriously decorated apartment has two bedrooms, a corner sofa bed in the living room, and a comfortable double bed in the bedroom. In addition, guests have at their disposal a fully equipped kitchen and a spacious bathroom with a shower cabin. The apartment also has a terrace with a view of the Arena. The apartment is well connected to the city center, and nearby are the Delta City shopping center, the Savski Kej, and the Belgrade Arena.

    Living room in the Apartment Atina

    Apartment Mijat

    The two-room Apartment Mijat is in the Belvil settlement, in Jurija Gagarina Street. It has a living room with a pull-out sofa, as well as a bedroom with a double bed. It also includes a kitchen, a dining room, and a bathroom with thoroughly modern sanitary facilities. The Apartment offers many additional amenities for an ideal stay, such as WiFi, air conditioning, a terrace, clean bed linen, and towels. Free parking is provided to all guests of this Apartment. In an excellent location, the Apartment is well connected to the rest of New Belgrade but also other parts of the city. Nearby are the Belgrade Arena, Delta City, and many cafes and restaurants.

    Living room in the apartment Mijat

    Apartment Manhattan Belvil

    This modernly equipped Apartment Manhattan is in the heart of Belvil. Due to its location, equipment, and fantastic view of the Ada bridge, it will provide you with an unforgettable stay. This two-room Apartment consists of a living room with a large corner sofa and a bedroom with a comfortable double bed. The kitchen is fully equipped, and the Apartment has a dining room and a bathroom. Guests are provided with a free parking space below the level of the building. Smoking is also strictly prohibited inside the Apartment, while parties and gatherings are not allowed. The real benefit of this Apartment is the terrace, which offers a magnificent view of the rest of New Belgrade.

    Appearance of the apartment Manhattan

    Apartment Đurđevak

    The three-room Apartment Đurđevak is in Jurija Gagarina Street, on the 4th floor of a building with an elevator. It can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people. This Apartment consists of a spacious living room with a sofa bed and two armchairs, a large bedroom with a double bed, and a smaller room with a bed adapted for two people. The kitchen and bathroom are fully equipped, which is why this Apartment provides all the conditions for a quality stay. The Apartment has WiFi, central heating, and all other necessary devices. Bus and tram stations located in the immediate vicinity allow easy and quick connection with the rest of the city, and there are many cafes, shops, and restaurants nearby.

    Bedroom in the apartment Đurđevak

    Apartment Havana 2

    Apartment Havana 2 is within the Belvil settlement, near the Delta City Shopping Center. It has one bedroom and can accommodate a maximum of 4 people. This completely new and modern apartment consists of a living room, in which there is a comfortable and high-quality sofa bed, and there is also a separate bedroom with a large double bed. A dining table with chairs and a fully equipped kitchen are also available. The bathroom has a shower, hairdryer, clean towels, and all other necessary cosmetics. Additional amenities include WiFi, air conditioning, television, a washing machine, free parking, and many others. The apartment also has a small terrace equipped with a table and chairs, which will provide you with additional pleasure.

    Apartment Havana 2 in Belvil

    In addition to the listed apartments in the Belleville neighborhood, you can find many more equally luxurious and modern apartments on the page Apartment per day Belvil. All flats and apartments have exceptional functionality, comfort, and excellent connections with the entire city. Therefore, these apartments offer quick access to the city center and a quiet, high-quality, and peaceful stay. In addition, only the Belvil settlement and its surroundings can provide you with everything you need for an ideal holiday, sightseeing and enjoying the greenery and arrangement of this complex.

    Surroundings of Belvil - what to visit?

    Since the Belvil settlement is located in almost the most accessible part of New Belgrade, its surroundings have many sights and attractions worth visiting. Even distant destinations are easy to reach because the excellent connection of city transport lines enables quick arrival to the desired location.

    Savski Kej

    Savski kej is one of the favorite promenades of all Belgraders, and it is characterized by fresh air from the river, as well as many cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy the view of boats and sunsets. Savski kej is characterized by the fact that it also contains a lot of green areas, making it an ideal choice for training in the fresh air. Within the promenade, there are well-equipped gyms, as well as a long path. In the morning and the afternoon, you can enjoy a walk in peace, while in the evening, cafes and restaurants take over the importance, which is always complete and extremely popular.

    Ada brige

    Ušće Shopping Center

    The famous Ušće is one of the favorite shopping centers of all Belgraders, and it is separated from the Belvil settlement by several tram stops. It is possible to shop in over 150 stores and enjoy a beautiful view from the top of the building, with coffee and your favorite dish. Also, in Ušće, there is a Cineplexx cinema, which is extremely popular, as well as many bookstores, beauty salons, and other facilities. In the area of ​​the same name, there is Park Ušće, a favorite place for gathering, socializing, and exercising. Through it, it is possible to reach the Dunavski Kej, and there you can enjoy the beauty of the Danube and Zemun.

    From all of the above, it can conclude that the Belvil settlement is an ideal place to live or for a weekly tourist trip together with family or friends. The exceptional amenities, beautiful surroundings, preserved green areas, and quality services made Belvil a luxurious and modern part of the city. In addition, easy and efficient access to the rest of the town made Belvil an ideal place to live or do business. With all the benefits it offers, this small town within Belgrade can make all your dreams come true.

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