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  • It is widely known that Belgrade represents an unforgettable experience for all tourists who visit it. A large number of points of interest, a multitude of attractions, and various historical landmarks, streets, and monuments are genuinely unique to the Serbian capital. Because of this, Belgrade quickly reached the top of the list of the most visited cities in Europe. What contributes to the whole impression and vacation are the superbly equipped apartments, with many additional amenities.

    Why are apartments with additional services an ideal option?

    Apartments with additional services will significantly facilitate your stay in the capital and contribute to the feeling of freedom and comfort. Various amenities such as restaurants, gyms, children's playgrounds, and other accompanying facilities will make your vacation ideal. In addition to the undoubted fun and comfort that awaits you, these apartments are also suitable for extended stays. Therefore, you don't need to worry about potential restaurants where you will eat, look for playgrounds to entertain the youngest, or take care of your appearance - well-equipped apartments can provide you with all that.

    Enjoy the traditional flavors of Belgrade

    Belgrade is almost teeming with different cafes and restaurants, and the specific taste of dishes prepared at the confluence of the Danube and Sava is widely known. Such moments indeed remain the most in the senses of the guests, and the specific flavors of the Balkans are what are always recounted. However, natural flavors and traditional specialties can also be tasted in the restaurants within the apartments, whose equipment and quality are at the same level compared to Belgrade restaurants. In addition, they can significantly facilitate the stay since it is not necessary to search for other restaurants and also spend time on such activities. Indulge yourself in the flavors of Serbia and enjoy the perfect specialties.

    Studio Apartment Gardenn 201

    Apartment Gardenn is located in Borča, on the Zrenjanin road. It is characterized by exceptional comfort, convenience, and a favorable location. It is fully equipped with all the necessary elements, the interior is decorated at an extraordinary level, and every corner of the building has been taken care of. However, the best part of the apartment is the restaurant, where you can enjoy the perfect ambiance. The restaurant also has a children's playground, which is decorated with various props for the game.

    Restaurant Gardenn has 120 seats and is known for its high-quality organization of various celebrations and birthdays. The staff is highly professional, and the restaurant's offer is varied. You can enjoy all kinds of dishes and thus feel the charm of tradition. In addition, the prices of the words are pretty reasonable, so your enjoyment of the restaurant will be complete. There is also a wine cellar within the restaurant, so it would be ideal for drinking an hour of wine with a perfect dish and thus completing the whole experience.

    Apartment Gardenn 201

    Two-room Apartment A 53

    Apartment A 53 will offer you beautiful accommodation and maximum comfort. It is practical for three people, while there are two units within the housing. There are three single beds in the apartment, and all the accompanying facilities are available, starting with high-speed internet and cable television, all the way to air conditioning and bed linen and towels. Absolute comfort and safety are guaranteed, and you can enjoy the entire environment fully. However, apartment A 53 has something else to offer you - the perfect flavors of the region.

    Within the apartments, there is Restaurant Lola, an establishment that creates memories worth remembering with its decoration, ambiance, and quality dishes. It is available from 08:00 until 23:00, while a 10% discount is for apartment guests. In this restaurant, you can enjoy your first-morning coffee with a perfect view of the surroundings, feel the flavors of Italian pasta or sweeten your senses with a perfect dessert. The restaurant's ambiance is fantastic, and the dimmed light and soft music will only confirm its uniqueness.

    Apartment A 53

    Studio Apartment Premier 1

    Located in New Belgrade, near Hotel Jugoslavija, apartment Premier 1 will provide everything you need for a peaceful and relaxing vacation. With an area of ​​70 m2, it can host a maximum of 2 people and offer them a dream stay. The entire room is equipped with furniture made of natural materials, while all additional amenities are available. In addition, the exceptional location contributes to the fact that the apartment is a perfect option since the municipalities of Zemun and Savski Venac, the Zemun quay, TC Ušće, and Mercator are located nearby. The proximity of the dock and the river mean that there are countless restaurants on the water nearby. However, guests of this apartment can also enjoy breakfast within the accommodation. Breakfast is included in the accommodation price and is served to all guests so that the atmosphere will be complete.

    Studio Apartment Premier 1

    Don't hesitate to get in touch with the always friendly reception

    The neatness of the apartment, high level of comfort, and maximum cleanliness are the conditions that are crucial when choosing an accommodation unit. However, the existence of the reception desk also plays a key and perhaps the most vital role. Contact with the apartments' owners and representatives is often thought unnecessary until some problem or doubt occurs. Friendly receptionists are available to answer any questions you may have. In addition, all explanations, instructions, and rules are obtained from them, so their presence is valuable. If guests also want instructions related to the capital, their tips for visiting the city and suggestions for restaurants and sights can be essential for tourists.

    Studio Apartment One Industry 1

    Its modernity and luxurious equipment make the One Industry 1 apartment perfect. A lot of quality details, an ideal combination of colors, and a romantic atmosphere are all that two people will be able to enjoy. The top quality in this room is attached to almost every corner, so the bed linen and towels are made of quality material. The bathroom is equipped with brand-new sanitary ware, and the furniture is comfortable. The apartment can be rented on weekends for a minimum of two days, but its comfort and ease will make you stay longer.

    The great advantage of this accommodation unit is its excellent location. Since the apartment is located 30 meters from Knez Mihailova, the center of Belgrade, and all the events are just a few steps away. You can walk to Kalemegdan and enjoy a fantastic view of the confluence of two rivers and the rest of the city, go shopping in Knez Mihailova or try some of the best specialties in nearby restaurants. If you need help or advice during the tour, the apartment's reception is available for you and your wishes.

    Studio Apartment Industry 1

    Studio Apartment Passport 102 Superior

    The tour of New Belgrade will be more beautiful and comprehensive if the Passport 102 Superior apartment is the starting point. Located within the Piramida Shopping Center, block 44, the facility represents an ideal connection with the rest of the city. A step away from the apartment is McDonald's, the market in block 44, and various shopping centers, restaurants, and cafes. Since it has a comfortable double bed, it is suitable for couples. Every detail is decorated with a unique taste, while the minimalist interior design leaves a strong impression on the guests. All additional devices, such as televisions, air conditioners, and stable internet connections, are available to guests 24/7, and the entire facility also has a reception desk.

    Passport 102 Superior

    Studio Apartment Forever Stay

    The Forever Stay apartment is located in the very center of the city, on Obilićevo Venac. It offers its guests everything they need for a comfortable stay and a peaceful vacation in the city center. The reduced colors and the perfect harmony of the space in the apartment will ensure complete enjoyment for all guests. Since the apartment has one comfortable double bed, it is an ideal choice for couples who want to get to know all the charms of the Serbian capital.

    All additional devices and conveniences are available inside the building, so it is possible to use a functional kitchenette for preparing basic meals, as well as a brand new bathroom. In addition, the equipment is based on a fast Internet connection, as well as various television channels. For additional security, video surveillance, armored doors and an intercom are provided, and friendly workers are at your disposal at all times.

    Apartment Forever Stay

    Secure your vehicle

    Since it is a visit to an extremely large city, with a large concentration of people and vehicles, it is very important to think about potential parking and garage space in time. Therefore, when choosing an apartment, it is important to have your own parking lot, which will provide you with additional security, and the apartment will get another plus from you. Securing a vehicle is very important for every guest, since it is never okay to leave your car on the street. Therefore, Belgrade offers you a number of accommodation units that, in addition to various services, also offer parking spaces.

    Two-room Apartment Fit

    Located on Zvezdara, near the eastern gate of Belgrade, the Fit apartment has absolutely everything you need for your comfort and safety. A maximum of 4 people in this apartment can make a real trip to remember. A perfectly designed living room with a sofa bed and a bedroom with a comfortable double bed will make your vacation like a dream. In addition, the maximum equipment of the apartment with all the devices necessary for a comfortable stay, as well as a beautiful view from the terrace will allow you to have an undisturbed and very nice time.

    Since the apartment is located in an extremely busy place, where there is a large circulation of people, it is important to secure your vehicle in time. If you have decided to come to the capital by car, the apartment has secured a parking space for you, which is also free of charge. Parking is in the garage, so you can rest easy when it comes to the safety and security of your vehicle. In addition, smoking is not allowed inside the apartment, except on the terrace of the building.

    Apartment FIT

    Studio Apartment Zetra

    The luxuriously equipped apartment Zetra is located in the trendy neighborhood A block in New Belgrade. Impeccable design and maximum comfort are the main features of this accommodation unit, and the comfortable double bed is ideal for couples. In addition, the apartment is full of exciting details, scented candles, and patterns that contribute to the romantic atmosphere. It is in a new building, and all additional appliances are brand new. Given its exceptional location, A block ensures easy connection with the rest of the city, proximity to the Sava Quay, various shopping centers, and many other sights. Therefore, you can park your vehicle in a secured garage space for an additional fee of 5 euros per day and go on a tour of the Serbian capital.

    Apartment Zetra

    Two-room Apartment Naomi

    Another in a series of highly modern and well-equipped apartments is the apartment Naomi on Palilula. It is located in a building with an elevator, and with an area of ​​50 m2, it is suitable for four people. Its functionality is reflected in highly comfortable furniture, quality accessories, and many details that complete this space. The bedroom has a double bed, while the living room has a sofa bed and a couch. Due to its high comfort level, it is a frequent choice for guests who visit the capital.

    A great location in the city center will provide an excellent starting point for visiting all the city's sights. Near the apartment are the Tašmajdan Park, the Jevremovac Botanical Garden, and the Parliament of Serbia. Public transportation or a leisurely walk can easily reach other parts of the town. A great convenience of this facility is a secured parking space in the garage, which promises guests maximum security.

    Apartment Naomi

    Take care of your body even when traveling

    Many tourists relax as much as possible during their trip and enjoy all the great dishes and delicious desserts without hesitation. Such situations sometimes know how to harm the body, so, in addition to the suitcase, we also bring home extra pounds. However, it is straightforward to defend against such things by choosing an apartment with adequate accompanying facilities. Choosing an apartment with a gym is crucial for the existing luxury and preserving health, current physical condition, and mood. It will additionally strengthen the spirit and body, it will help the body to rest from fast and heavy food, and you will leave the gym smiling and satisfied.

    Three-room apartment Queen River 2 Belgrade Waterfront

    The luxurious location of this apartment already promises services that tourists will rarely find anywhere else. Located in Belgrade on the water, the Queen River 2 apartment will provide you with the luxurious vacation you deserve. This apartment is synonymous with brand-new facilities and appliances, comfortable furniture, and a perfect ambiance. With an area of ​​up to 90m2, the facility can accommodate a maximum of 5 people. It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a luxurious living room. Fast internet connection, LCD TV, high-quality towels, and bed linen are taken for granted in the facility, while many additional amenities are available.

    The gym and spa stand out in the facility, which is modernly equipped with all the necessary equipment. The gym has many treadmills and a variety of training equipment, all of which will complete the view of this luxury neighborhood. If you are staying in the facility for less than ten days, use of the gym and spa is possible upon request, with the Additional agreement. The perfect choice is to walk by the river or simply enjoy the apartment's terrace.

    Apartment Queen River 2 Belgrade Waterfront

    Two-room Apartment Queen River Belgrade Waterfront

    Queen River Apartment will also provide the high-level service and quality you deserve. Proximity to the river, luxurious location, and top-quality equipment is perfect for an ideal vacation. The apartment is exceptionally spacious and can accommodate a maximum of 3 people, while the prices start from 150 euros. In addition to the perfect decoration, beautiful shades of colors, and divine ambiance, the apartment can boast brand new furniture, all the necessary appliances, high-speed Internet and cable TV, and accompanying contents that make it an ideal choice. Since the spa, swimming pool, and gym are available, the apartment has everything you need for a perfect vacation in Belgrade.

    Apartment Queen River Belgrade Watefront

    Make it easy to pay during your stay

    Another essential item when choosing an accommodation unit can be the payment method during the stay. A great relief is a possibility of paying via account or card, which can be seen as an exceptional additional benefit. The ability to pay via invoice or card allows not using cash that can easily be lost, a much faster and more efficient payment process, without constantly requiring direct contact and communication with the owner. Therefore, we present you with several apartments where you will be able to make this type of payment.

    Studio Apartment Bellmatini 11

    Tucked away in a quiet Jerneja Kopitar street, on the border between New Belgrade and Zemun, apartment Bellmatini 11 will provide everything you need for a peaceful and relaxing vacation. It can host up to two people, while prices start from 35 euros. Comfort is fully equipped in this apartment and has a functional and practical kitchen, a modern bathroom, and other accessories. The most beautiful part of this apartment is the carefully decorated balcony, from where there is a soothing view of the yard. Free internet, cable television, clean towels, and bed linen are at your disposal, while the cleanliness of the facility is at the highest level. Public parking in front of the building is available to guests with their transport, which is free of charge.

    Apartment Bellmatini 11

    Studio Apartment Ronin

    Studio Apartment Ronin is located in the luxurious neighborhood A block in New Belgrade. It is a modernly equipped studio where two people will have all the amenities and comfort. A large amount of light that reaches the apartment, many shades of patterns and white colors, and maximum comfort make this apartment ideal. The kitchen is functional, with all the necessary appliances, while the bathroom will provide guests with absolutely all cosmetic products and other elements. The location is highly favorable since it is straightforward to connect with the rest of the city. Various cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, and numerous sights are nearby. An additional convenience is a garage parking space, which is charged for 5 euros per day, while payment can be made in cash or through the company's account.

    Apartment Ronin

    Two-room apartment Janis Janulis

    The interesting name of the apartment is related to a man from Corfu who wonderfully helped the Serbs during the First World War. The apartment is located in a new building and can accommodate a maximum of 4 people. It is luxuriously furnished, with subdued colors and ample functional space. Therefore, the kitchen will ensure the preparation of perfect meals, while the spacious terrace will provide the enjoyment that everyone deserves. Although the facility is luxurious and highly modern, it can be enjoyed for a price starting at 50 euros. Since it is located in Voždovac, it is isolated from the city noise and close to all the main events. The security of your vehicle will provide you with a garage space secured by cameras.

    Apartment Janis Janulis

    Apartments with additional services can make your stay much more accessible and contribute positively to everyone's vacation. Various accompanying amenities such as restaurants, free parking spaces, gyms, spa centers, and easy payment methods significantly influence the choice of the accommodation unit. In the Serbian capital, each service is essential and contributes to comfort and convenience in various ways. Therefore, apartments with additional services can quickly become accommodation units that provide maximum fulfilling vacations. If your next trip focuses on exploring all the sights of the Serbian capital, pack your bags and enjoy all the benefits Belgrade offers.

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