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  • The capital of Serbia attracts more and more tourists from all over the world every year, and it will inevitably be one of the most visited destinations in the region. With all its attractions and beauties, Belgrade is the center of culture and rich history in the Balkans, but also a place of perfect fun and a time to remember. Therefore, Belgrade is a city suitable for all lovers of a lively atmosphere, friendly hosts, and rich traditions.

    On the other hand, one of the main characteristics of Belgrade is the more expensive life, which also means a higher cost for all tourists who visit and explore the city. However, organizing a cheap vacation in Belgrade at pretty reasonable prices is possible. It would help if you researched all the options, attractions and offers the city offers. In the next part of the text, you will explore which places offer more affordable prices and how to get around the capital city cheaply and still create a memorable trip.

    Recommendation for affordable and the best specialties in Belgrade

    When you find yourself in a capital like Belgrade, authentic and delicious specialties will be something that will mark your visit to this city. You can feel the gourmet food this city offers at almost every corner, and the smell of kebabs, grills, and burgers will linger on your palate for a long time. For you to enjoy these tastes with minimal compensation, below we offer you the most affordable and, at the same time, quality restaurants.

    Konoba Akustik

    If we had to single out one place with a perfect combination of local specialties and an authentic Balkan atmosphere, it would be Konoba Akustik restaurant. This restaurant is located on Dorcol, at the intersection of all the main roads in the city, so it will be an unmissable destination if you tour the city. In addition to traditional music, the tambourine sound, and the always pleasant atmosphere, Konoba Akustik also offers relatively affordable prices to all guests. Here you can find breakfast for only 500 dinars and homemade soups for about 300 dinars, while the fees of main dishes such as burgers, kebabs, or chicken skewers range up to 800 dinars.

    Restaurant Vencac

    Restaurant Vencac is located not far from Zeleni venac and offers its guests one of the most affordable menus in the city. Restaurant Vencac, year after year, delights its guests with authentic meat products and grilled specialties, such as white hangers and burgers with onion. In addition to these unforgettable tastes, the ambiance will be completed by a pleasant atmosphere and pictures of old Belgrade inside the restaurant.

    Restaurant Talas Dunava

    The bank of the Danube and the view towards Usce and the city center will be enough to enjoy the capital, and the Talas Dunava restaurant can provide you with just that. This restaurant will allow you to truly enjoy one of the most beautiful parts of Belgrade, Visnjicka banja. It is made in an ethnic style and is intended for all lovers of local and international food. The price of grilled food is up to RSD 1,800 per kilogram, while the cost of fish is up to RSD 2,500. You can also enjoy delicacies such as pancakes, tulumba, and baklava, all for 250 dinars.

    The suggestion of affordable tours for visiting the city

    The diversity of the capital city and the wealth of tradition and culture offer all guests a lot of exciting things, but also tours that are worth paying attention to. They will give you a comprehensive picture of Belgrade, and at the same time, you will have the opportunity to explore various attractions and points of interest of the city. In Belgrade, many tours are organized daily, and all parts of the city are considered. We recommend a few times that you should consider, as they can be experienced at a very affordable price.

    Tour of Zemun

    You will surely remember a tour of one of the most beautiful parts of the city for the rest of your life. Zemun's narrow cobblestones, the blue Danube's view, and the mixture of several cultures will be a reason to go down the path of this old part of the city. The tour through Zemun will take you through the oldest house in Zemun, the Madlenijanum theater, the City Park, the Zemun High School, and many other famous attractions of this part of the city. The price of this tour is 600 dinars, and its duration is 2 hours.

    Getting to know the Kalemegdan fortress

    You will get to know the historical spirit of Belgrade best during a tour through the Kalemegdan fortress. This exciting tour will take you through the entire Kalemegdan park, and you will have the opportunity to visit the Clock Tower, the Victory Monument, the towers of Despot and Nebojsa, as well as the Zindan gate. This tour lasts, on average, about 2.5 hours, and its price is 800 dinars.

    Tour through the central part of the city

    The central part of the city is a tangible symbol of the Serbian capital, but also the place where everything begins in the town. Because of this, you will notice that the city center never sleeps, and a tour through this part will allow you to get to know the true mentality of the Serbian people. The adventure through this part of Belgrade will take you from the Assembly of Serbia, through Knez Mihajlova Street, the National Theater, and the Museum, all the way to Princess Ljubica's Residence and the Old and New Dvor. You will pay 500 dinars for this tour, which will last 2 hours.

    Activities in Belgrade for everyone's budget

    As you already know, you can visit many attractions, historical and cultural institutions, and parks in Belgrade free of charge. However, specific interests require a certain amount of money. Although Belgrade is considered a more expensive city, there are various activities in the city that you can do at very reasonable prices.

    Visiting museums

    In Belgrade today, there are about 40 museums that represent the history, culture, and traditions of Serbia and the Serbian people with their wealth. The prices of museums in the capital are generally favorable, while in many of them, free entrance is provided for students, pensioners, or some other groups. For example, the entrance fee to the National Museum costs 500 dinars, while it is possible to visit it for free on Sundays. In addition, ticket prices for museums such as the Museum of Applied Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art, or the Museum of Illusions range up to 600 dinars.

    Cinemas in Belgrade

    Cinemas are one of the most visited places in the capital of Serbia, while the money has around 15 cinemas in different parts of the city. The price of cinema tickets in Belgrade varies depending on the cinema's screening time, location, and equipment. Therefore, the lowest ticket price can be only 300 dinars, while in some cinemas, the price goes up to 1000 dinars. One of the most affordable is the cult cinema MTS Dvorana in New Belgrade, while Cineplexx cinemas are valid for more expensive cinemas.

    Activities in the city that will require more money

    Suppose you find yourself in Belgrade for the first time, in addition to cheap destinations. Knowing which activities are expensive in the city is essential so you do not unexpectedly empty your entire pocketbook. Many activities in Belgrade can be beautiful to tourists, who often need to learn how much money they can spend on that occasion. If you want your trip to Belgrade to go as smoothly as possible, try to avoid the following activities.

    Avoid shopping in Belgrade

    Although sale signs often catch your attention, shopping in Belgrade can be expensive. Of course, shopping is most popular in the main street, Knez Mihailova, which is why the most expensive shops are located there. Besides this street, shopping centers like Galeria, Ada Mall, and Delta City offer higher prices. Therefore, if you still want to take some souvenirs from Belgrade in a wardrobe, take a walk around the city's outskirts in search of more affordable clothing and shoes.

    In Belgrade, you can find many second-hand shops, where the price of clothes is much cheaper. In addition, you can find food products in local stores at a much more affordable price, which will make your stay in the city much easier. In addition, smaller bookstores, city markets and shops outside the central area will offer you a variety of products and items at a cheaper price.

    Nightlife in Belgrade costs more than you think

    The fact that Belgrade is the center of good entertainment in the region also enabled him to charge high prices for his services. Therefore, the famous Belgrade at night can take more money out of your pocket than you think, and the atmosphere on the rafts will make you stay until dawn. In the most popular and elite clubs, the price of one drink can go up to 1000 dinars, which means you will quickly run out of dinars.

    If you want to spend time with a couple of drinks and relax, it is recommended to look for a cafe not located in areas known for entertainment and parties. Places on the outskirts like Ledine, Surcin, Borca, or Zarkovo offer tourists cheap nightlife. At the same time, you can always drink coffee at a significantly lower price in the surroundings of student centers and dormitories.

    How to find cheap and comfortable accommodation in Belgrade?

    Since real estate prices have risen drastically in the capital city, many apartments and flats for rent in Belgrade have followed this growth. In addition, several locations in Belgrade are considered extraordinarily luxurious and modern, so it is recommended to bypass them if you want to save money when visiting the Serbian capital. However, as in any place, it is possible to find accommodation in Belgrade that will offer you a slightly lower price and whose appearance and comfort will satisfy you.

    The parts of Belgrade that do not offer lower prices are certainly Belgrade on the water, which is also known as the most luxurious and newest part of the entire city. In addition to this location, the city center and the municipality of Savski venac offer relatively high prices for apartments and apartments and the more significant part of Vracar. Some newer and elite neighborhoods like Belvil and Braca Jerkovic have different offers so you can find lower and more affordable prices there.

    Settlements that offer cheaper accommodation in Belgrade

    Thanks to the wide range of choices regarding accommodation in the capital, affordable housing can still be found in Belgrade today. Some locations near the central part of the city where you can find cheap accommodation are Miljakovac, Zeleznik, Mirijevo, and Petlovo Brdo. Within these settlements, it is possible to enjoy beautifully decorated apartments, all for a small amount of money.

    Since these settlements are not far from the city center, they represent an extremely favorable location for those who want to tour and explore the city. The village of Mirijevo offers its guests extremely cheap accommodation units, so it is possible to spend a night in the Mina apartment in Mirijevo for only 25 euros. In addition, prices in Miljakovac range from 30 to 40 euros, while the Bastica apartment complex offers a cost of only 38 euros. All apartments are fully furnished, with all appliances and furniture necessary for a comfortable stay.

    Although Belgrade is considered the most expensive city in Serbia, a visit to it can continue with every dinar being spent. With good organization, timely information, and research of all destinations, it is possible to discover the charms of Belgrade at the best prices. Follow the above tips and recommendations. You will understand that getting to know Belgrade from the inside is possible with decent and cheap accommodation, affordable attractions, and special activities.


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