Apartment per day Liman - is a list of apartments located in Novi Sad in the village of Liman, which is one of the central settlements in Novi Sad. Our list of apartments covers all three parts of this settlement and they are Liman I, Liman II, Liman III. The most famous part of this settlement is the Liman Park and the faculties of technical sciences.
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Dvosoban Apartman Balzak. Dvosoban apartman, sa svojih 64 m2 je komforno opremljen i idealan za boravak do 5 osoba


Location: Novi-sad Liman
Address: Balzakova 22
Price 35 €
Guests: 5
Area of the apartment : 64 m2
Structure : Two Bedroom
Dvosoban Apartment Balzak Novi Sad Liman
Novi-sad Liman ~ Balzakova 22
64 m2 Two Bedroom 5 Guests 4.8 (1)

Apartment in area Liman Novi Sad