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03 Sep 2021
The three best places that will complete your Zlatibor vacation and provide you with quality moments, new knowledge and connect you with the history of Serbia
01 Sep 2021
restaurants, zlatibor, bars
17 Jun 2021
We present you all the information about vaccination against coronavirus and the ways in which you will book accommodation in Belgrade for vaccination
25 Feb 2021
You have probably heard that many Belgraders decide to rent an apartment during the recent relocation. Here are a couple of situations where this is necessary
27 Dec 2020
Belgrade is a city at the confluence of two rivers and two cultures. It is a city that has been growing, developing and gaining new momentum for centuries.
01 Oct 2020
Rakoč apartments have been considered one of the best apartments for rent for many years, and many of their satisfied users clearly testify to that.
30 Sep 2020
If you are planning to invest in real estate and buy an apartment in New Belgrade this is a place to go.
17 Aug 2020
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