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  • The mountain is a unique destination where you can spend quality time at any time of the year. Whether it is winter or summer, you have wide spaces, clean air, slopes and a lot of available and diverse content. Zlatibor is one of the best representatives of the above. In addition to universal mountain advantages, Zlatibor has other qualities, which set it apart and place it on a high place when it comes to tourist destinations in Serbia. Undoubtedly, one of the most prominent positive characteristics is quality and developed accommodation on the mountain.

    Diversity of accommodation capacities of Zlatibor

    The high standards set in the category of accommodation, which are growing from year to year, are one of the main reasons why Zlatibor is one of the favorite destinations for winter and summer holidays in Serbia. Great competition affects the increase in the number of facilities, but also their increasing development and increase in quality. A wide range of accommodation in all parts of the mountain allows you to meet the requirements of tourists and adapt to their different capabilities. Related to this is the existence of objects of different types and structures. Zlatibor offers you the opportunity to relax in a classic apartment type of accommodation, escape from everyday life in authentic wooden houses or classic houses available for more people. So, the mountain gives you the opportunity to choose accommodation and location that fully adapts to all your wishes. On this occasion, we will pay attention to log cabins and houses, which differ from the classic accommodation and bring a real mountain note to your vacation.

    Six best log cabins on Zlatibor

    What the mountain can be especially proud of are the objects that preserve all its authenticity and that enable guests to experience all its charms in the right way. Wooden mountain houses - log cabins / huts certainly succeed the most in that. Located in a natural environment, overlooking the mountain slopes, surrounded by greenery, and yet decorated and equipped with everything you need for comfortable accommodation, they are an ideal choice for a real mountain vacation. From the wide offer of log cabins on Zlatibor, we have singled out six houses that are the most representative examples of this type of accommodation.

    Brvnara Zlatiborski mir

    The Zlatiborski mir log cabin is a perfect combination of a real mountain atmosphere and the accessibility of all central events. It is located in the village of Đurkovac, only 200 meters from Lake Zlatibor, but again separated from the city crowds and surrounded by greenery. It is a large mountain house, which is available for a comfortable stay of six people. It is arranged on two levels - on the lower floor there is an equipped hallway, kitchen, living room and bathroom, while on the upper floor there are two bedrooms.

    Wooden Valley 1

    Wooden Valley 1 - a facility that provides you with a variety of benefits. One of the beautiful log cabins in Zlatibor, which stands out for its equipment and luxurious decoration. It is located three kilometers from the center of Zlatibor, in a quiet part of the mountain, which is surrounded by mountain slopes. It has a spacious living room with dining area and kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. A special benefit is the possession of a sauna and jacuzzi, which will provide additional peace and relaxation. There is a spacious and equipped terrace, which allows you to enjoy the panoramic view.

    Log cabin Mir 2

    Log cabin Mir 2 - one of the three mountain houses within the Log cabin Mir. Ideal for four adults, who will enjoy the ecological hut, with spring water and solar power. Located in a real mountain atmosphere, it will provide a dose of nature that is needed by everyone who comes from urban areas to find peace and relaxation. Your own yard, which is ideal for children's play, will certainly contribute to that, so Mir 2 is an ideal choice for family vacations. It also contains all the necessary appliances and devices, so that complete enjoyment is guaranteed.

    Natural Wood 2

    Natural Wood 2 - modern accommodation in Vlaovina, two kilometers from the center of Zlatibor. It is one of the most beautifully decorated buildings of its kind. It makes an ideal combination of mountain peace and modern interior. It is located within the villa where there are several other facilities, which is very suitable for organizing group stays. Specifically, this facility accommodates four people, who will enjoy the comfort and beautiful view of the Zlatibor landscapes.

    Nerina's hut

    Nerina hut - an authentic mountain vacation in one of the most beautiful locations. This mountain house is located in the Ethno complex Sirogojno, near the famous tourist attractions: Stopića cave and all the facilities offered by the village Sirogojno. This beautiful log cabin has a huge yard with goals for indoor soccer, space for children to play or a quiet holiday and a view of the beautiful scenery. It is ideal for six people, who have at their disposal a large living room, three bedrooms and a spacious bathroom. There is no doubt that your stay in Nera's hut will be an unforgettable experience.

    Natural Wood 2 Cottage

    Cottage Natural Wood 2 - tucked away, spacious building, one kilometer from the center of Zlatibor. The cottage can accommodate six adults, who can enjoy modern accommodation, as well as a number of additional facilities: a free bike ride, barbecue facilities, a snowmobile, a mountain ATV, a spa or a hot tub. If you come on vacation with the youngest, there is a garden with a children's playground at your disposal, which the little ones will undoubtedly enjoy. The Natural Wood 2 hut is one of the best facilities in the entire Zlatibor offer.

    We believe that even a small sample of mountain houses showed all their advantages and qualities. Whichever you decide, it is certain that it will pleasantly host you and provide all the mountain benefits. In addition to this type of accommodation, we single out the most beautiful mountain houses, which will also provide quality weather and complete rest.

    The three most sought after mountain houses on Zlatibor

    Mountain houses are an ideal opportunity to provide yourself with a pleasant family vacation in the greenery, with various types of activities provided. By renting the entire facility, you get the opportunity to independently use the entire space and all its amenities. For you, we have singled out the three most beautiful and most affordable houses from a large number of buildings.

    Tisa 1

    Tisa 1 - authentic mountain atmosphere, near the central part of Zlatibor. The property is located only 800 meters from Lake Zlatibor, and is located in a quiet, wooded part of the mountain. The biggest advantage of the house is having its own yard, ideal for children's play and fun. The building is also ideal for families of four, based on the area, which is provided with comfort and all necessary devices.

    Magic House

    Magic House - real mountain magic, in a great location. The house is located on the road to Sirogojno, one of the largest and most visited localities in Zlatibor. The building has two floors, where there is a living room, equipped kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. Thanks to the layout of the rooms, it can accommodate six people, who will undoubtedly find true mountain peace here. This will especially provide a large yard and terrace, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the greenery.

    Kraljev Konak 33

    Kraljev Konak 33 - peace and clean air in the heart of Zlatibor. The house is located in the elite and one of the central settlements of Zlatibor - Kraljevi konaci. It is a four-room house, with three bedrooms, a living room with a fireplace and two bathrooms. Its biggest advantage is the terrace and landscaped garden overlooking the Lake. If you come with your own car, there are two parking spaces - one in the garage and the other in front of the building.

    As can be seen from the description, all mountain houses are surrounded by their own backyards with beautiful views of the stunning mountain areas. This is their main characteristic and advantage. There is no doubt that staying in them will bring you the necessary dose of clean air and relaxation in nature. The little ones will be most happy about that, so the family weekends spent here will be fulfilled and happy.

    The best tourist destinations according to the type of accommodation

    In order for your vacation to be complete and your time to be used to the end, it would be great to head to the beautiful attractions in and around Zlatibor. Since our text is dedicated to authentic mountain accommodation and vacation in nature, we have chosen the two most beautiful places, which by their nature and spirit are most suitable for this type of vacation. They are located a little further from the center of Zlatibor, but with their facilities and beauty, they deserve you to set aside a day and indulge in enjoying the spaces that preserve the authentic life of the mountain village in the past.


    Sirogojno is a true oasis of peace, mountain atmosphere and quality facilities. This settlement is located in the Zlatibor district, in the municipality of Cajetina, east of the mountain itself. Thanks to the rich offer and beautiful ambience, it is one of the most famous and most popular parts of Zlatibor. The most famous unavoidable attractions of Sirogojno are:

    • Ethno village Sirogojno - 26 kilometers from the center of Zlatibor is a real gem, which preserves the authentic appearance of the life of the Serbian village in the 19th century. The museum consists of two parts: one that has all the parts that the Serbian family had in the past and the other adapted to the tourist needs of all those who come here to feel the real life of our ancestors. Both groups have preserved their authentic appearance, with the other containing a souvenir shop, a tavern, apartments, which allow tourists to spend several days in the history of Serbian life. The museum part shows us how people lived in a household of over fifty members and what a Serbian peasant did two centuries ago. Museum exhibits and clean air represent an ideal escape from the city noise and stressful pace of life in the 21st century.
    • Sirogojno Knitting Museum - a museum dedicated to women who celebrated this part of Serbia with their handicrafts and beautiful clothing items. The knitters presented their works for the first time in 1962, and three decades later, almost 2,000 workers created beautiful handicrafts for the world fashion market. Made of the highest quality wool, sweaters, jackets, coats, hats and scarves from Sirogojno were a delight at fashion shows and the main exhibits in boutique shop windows in Italy, France and America. The Museum keeps all the documents that confirm the activity of hard-working knitters. There are numerous awards, magazine clippings, letters and photos of celebrities who wore these quality garments. The Museum of Knitters in Sirogojno is open for visits during the summer from 9 am to 7 pm, while in winter you can visit it from 9 am to 5 pm.

    Mokra Gora

    • This authentic mountain village is located between Zlatibor and Tara and represents a real treasure trove of various tourist attractions. During your stay on Zlatibor, we suggest that you set aside a special day to visit all the sites that are located in this mountain village. You must not miss the famous Sharganska osmica, a railway that goes 300 meters uphill, making a perfect osmica. On the nearby Mećavnik there is an ethno village directed by Emir Kusturica, where you can experience the real atmosphere of a Serbian village, try delicious food or buy authentic souvenirs. An indispensable part of the tour of Mokra Gora must be the village of Kremna, known for the prophets Milan and Mitar Tarabić. A day spent on Mokra Gora will undoubtedly be an ideal part of your Zlatibor vacation.

    The best facilities from the category of accommodation and the most interesting tourist attractions that go with them, will undoubtedly make the days of Zlatibor an unforgettable experience. Choose a house to your liking and indulge in clean mountain air and an atmosphere of peace. Use your free moments in the right way, in the mountain beauty that will revive your body and spirit.


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