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  • The arrangement of the apartment and its interior is crucial for both business and the attractiveness of accommodation. Investing a lot of effort and imagination in furnishing the apartment is extremely important since its appearance will attract guests and tourists year after year. Therefore, in the following text, we offer 10 tricks and tips to help you beat your competition easily, all with a great ambiance and interior.

    Refresh your apartment with plants

    Indeed, you have always wondered how to use plants best to refresh and decorate the apartment. It is widely known how greenery and various colors of flowers can affect a person's mood. Everyone looks forward to cheerful colors, which complete the ambiance and make the space more beautiful and joyous. Therefore, in an apartment, it is essential to emphasize seasonal flowers and those that can last throughout the year.

    Flowers in apartment

    In addition to making the environment more beautiful, plants purify the air and successfully eliminate harmful gases. Likewise, a large number of plants can have a positive effect on various allergic reactions in humans, which is an additional advantage of flowers. Therefore, you can always choose some of the most commonly chosen plants in your apartment, such as aloe vera, houseplant and many others.

    It is recommended not to place the plants next to each other but to distribute them evenly throughout the room. That way, you will be able to leave room for them to develop, and at the same time, the flowers will not be concentrated in one circle, which can be hard on the eyes. Thus, you will create an ideal combination, and your guests will enjoy the ambiance.

    Beautify the apartment with nice colors

    When you are in a dilemma about choosing the best colors for an apartment, be sure that with quality colors you can always experiment and make the best choice. Although expert opinion is critical in such cases, you can always use classic and standard colors and use them to paint the rooms of the apartment. If you don't like too bright and strong colors, the best option is to turn to soft colors, which will give your apartment light and shine and a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.


    For example, if you want to decorate your space, it would be best to paint it with sharp colors. Bright red, blue, and green colors will further open up your space. Besides, painting one wall a different color is becoming increasingly popular, and it can have a much better effect on the whole room. Another idea is to use colorful strips or paint the ceiling in lighter colors, so the walls get a contrast.

    Equip the apartment with practical equipment and quality furniture

    When choosing furniture for the apartment, paying attention to the furniture that promises a long and high-quality duration is extremely important. Take your time with this selection and buy expensive furniture since this does not guarantee its quality. Therefore, it is essential to choose furniture that is first of all, comfortable but which will be able to be used with quality in the long run.

    Furniture in apartment

    If your accommodation is smaller, you can get practical furniture to save on space. Thus, you can put a marfi bed in the bedroom, or any folding bed you can find. On the other hand, if the toilet is small and does not have a separate shower area, you can get a lighter curtain and thus make the space visually larger.

    When it comes to furnishing the living room, the best option would be to find a comfortable and spacious corner sofa, on which guests can rest during the afternoon enjoyment. Likewise, equip the rooms with comfortable French beds and clean linens, which will further attract all tourists.

    Bed in apartment

    Make sure that there is enough light in the apartment

    Sufficient provision of light in the apartment should be one of your first goals, if you want your accommodation to be visited and gladly sought by tourists. Ensure that your apartment has as much natural light as possible, which will contribute to the relaxation and good mood of tourists. In addition, LED light bulbs will be a much better choice for lighting, which do not tire the eyes and at the same time, create a visual feeling that the apartment is larger and more spacious.

    Curtains are a reflection of hospitality - Don't forget them

    Although you may not immediately think of curtains when furnishing an apartment, remember that they are essential to the entire ambience. Using some of your old and dark curtains will give your guests the impression that you could have put more effort and investment into the interior itself. Therefore, although they are partially a small investment, we can provide the apartment with a feeling of warmth and freshness with curtains. A good choice will be long white curtains with transparent patterns, which will allow light to enter the room and at the same time give things a sense of comfort.

    Curtains in apartment

    Pay attention to the details in the apartment

    Details are one of the most critical aspects in an apartment since they give it the finishing touch and complete any potential shortcomings in the accommodation. Decorate your apartment with wall paintings, scented candles, colorful pillows, bookshelves, small vases and many other details. They will significantly beautify your space, and it is desirable to decorate the room with more information that will speak about the characteristics of that area.

    However, do just what is necessary with decorations and details. Be aware that many small pieces collect dust, and this will present you with additional work. Therefore, furnish the apartment with the necessary information and enough to beautify every corner of the accommodation.

    Details in apartment

    Additionally, welcoming guests with drinks, snacks, or some other kind of welcome could make guests happy upon arrival. For example, if you have authentic, local products such as brandy, honey, liqueur, cheese, cured meat products and the like, offer them to your guests and make their arrival in your apartment more beautiful.

    Equip your bathroom with spa amenities

    A complete hit when it comes to furnishing the bathroom will be to include some spa amenities. Even if you are not in an enviable financial situation, make an effort to spend some time on individual spa devices and extras that will relax tourists during their travels. For example, you can always equip the bathroom with a hydromassage tub, which will pamper even the most demanding tourists. A great option would be to build a smaller sauna, where guests can enjoy themselves after a tiring day.

    Spa amenities in apartmenr

    If you are not ready to invest much money to equip the bathroom with spa amenities, you can win guests over with other little things. Humidifiers, various body care gadgets or natural cosmetic products will delight your visitors, and at the same time provide them with the opportunity to devote themselves and their bodies.

    Turn the terrace into a mini living room

    If your apartment also has a terrace, you can complete this space in many ways. The best solution would be to equip the deck with a comfortable and high-quality seating area, a small sofa and a small table where you can put coffee and sweets down. Such an environment will undoubtedly delight all tourists, and you can decorate the fence of the terrace with muscats or other ornamental plants.


    Provide the desired temperature both in summer and winter

    A stable temperature in the apartment is always critical since the rest and mood of tourists will often depend on it. During the summer, it is essential to have an air conditioner at tourists' disposal, which will help them cool down after a hot summer day. If the apartment is spacious, having an air conditioner in the bedroom would be alright since it would ensure quality and peaceful sleep. You can equip your apartment with other cooling and heating devices that are both affordable and mobile, such as smaller heaters.

    If your apartment is located in a hilly area or on famous mountains, a great idea to decorate the space is a fireplace. You can position it in the corner of the living room, and it will be an excellent solution during the winter. The fireplace's appearance and the crackling of the fire create a sense of calm and tranquility among the guests, and many choose the apartment precisely because of this convenience.

    Do not forget about the courtyard of the apartment

    Although many choose an apartment according to its interior, one should remember the yard if it exists. A well-equipped yard is half the job, especially if you have an apartment surrounded by nature and greenery. Equip your yard with seating furniture, barbecue equipment, a mini playground for children, flowers, and other little things that will attract guests to visit you several times a year.

    Apartment garden

    Although decorating an apartment can sometimes seem daunting, with these simple tips you can create a space everyone will enjoy. Let your imagination run wild, realize your ideas and watch your business grow, all thanks to the ideal ambiance and interior.

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