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  • What would your dream vacation look like? When you fantasize, do you imagine yourself on the beach, drinking a cocktail under a palm tree? Are you more for the option of enjoying winter magic? Mountain or sea? Summer or winter? Maybe spring in one of the beautiful European cities? The most sought after tourism destinations, however, are those that can attract tourists throughout the year. Those that offer facilities both during the icy winter and during the hot summer. Zlatibor is undoubtedly one such tourist attraction. No matter what time of year you come to the mountain, you will be able to spend quality Zlatibor moments. During the winter, there are excellent ski slopes, ski schools for children and adults, idyllic mountain slopes to enjoy the magic of snow. During the summer months, you can enjoy tours of cultural attractions, amusement parks or simply breathe in the fresh air and spend time in the company of a green idyll. Throughout the year on Zlatibor is available a large number of restaurants, cafes, places to relax and have a good time, as well as a wide range of accommodation facilities.

    Development of accommodation on Zlatibor

    When it comes to accommodation capacities, Zlatibor develops its offer from year to year, both in quantity and quality. Tourist demand has influenced the owners of accommodation to arrange their facilities on a high level and take care of the smallest details. This is another sure reason why Zlatibor is an ideal choice for a vacation throughout the year. No matter what your wishes are, the quality of accommodation is certainly one of the priorities, especially if you are staying on the mountain with children. The special benefits offered by certain accommodation facilities can very well affect the quality of your stay. The one that usually comes to mind when it comes to that is the view from the apartment. That is why the syntagm of rooms with a view of ... was created, as one of the symbols of the greatest tourist hedonism. Imagine being able to wake up every morning during your vacation and the first thing you see is endless greenery and unlimited views.

    10 apartments on Zlatibor with the most beautiful view

    In the following, from the entire offer of apartments on Zlatibor, we single out ten buildings with the most beautiful view.

    1. Zičara

    Žičara - our bedroom apartment in the center of Zlatibor. From the terrace that the apartment has a beautiful view of the pine forests. So, in addition to the view, you can enjoy the fresh air provided by conifers every morning. In addition, the apartment contains a living room, kitchen and separate bedroom, rooms that are very modern. Thanks to the great location, there are many cafes, restaurants and a promenade nearby.

    2. Gondola 22

    Gondola 22 - luxury apartment next to Lake Zlatibor, which provides several different benefits. In addition to the view of the natural environment, Gondola 22 allows you to enjoy complete comfort with three other people. The apartment also provides a baby cot, pets and parking right in front of the building. If you are passing by, the apartment can be booked for only one night.

    3. Hrast Z

    Hrast Z - direct access to the ski slope in the center of Zlatibor and always available view of it. During the winter, the apartment allows you to be in a position for a ski resort in a few minutes, and during the summer you can breathe the mountain air and enjoy the view of the gondola. The apartment can accommodate a total of four people, and is ideal for families with small children because in addition to the crib, it also offers a chair for feeding babies. Each room in the apartment contains the latest appliances, and during your stay you have WiFi, TV, stove and underfloor heating during the winter days.

    4. Pekovic S6-13

    Pekovic S6-13 - panoramic view of the center of Zlatibor. Due to the great location, during your stay in the apartment you can enjoy horseback riding, skiing, adventure park and other mountain attractions. In the apartment building there is a gym and sauna, which you can rent for an additional fee. The apartment is ideal for four adults, and thanks to having a double bed in the bedroom and furniture in the living room, it can accommodate a family with three children. The provided underground garage space that the apartment provides is connected to the elevator that leads directly to it.

    5. Central Lux Zlatibor

    Central Lux Zlatibor - apartment in the heart of Zlatibor, hidden from the crowds in the coniferous forest. From the balcony you can enjoy the company of green areas, and still be in the center of all events. It is located on the first floor of Villa Pekovic and can accommodate as many as six people because it contains two bedrooms. The apartment also offers a number of additional benefits, such as free use of the Monica playroom, a 15% discount on the services of the wellness center and the services of the Reun restaurant and Lada bar.

    6. Elite Lux Spa

    Elite Lux Spa - apartment in Jovanke Jeftanović Street, only 250 meters from the center of the mountain. If you are coming with three other people this is the ideal accommodation for you. Full enjoyment will, in addition to the view and location, provide you with a beautiful interior of the apartment, whose rooms are equipped with the latest devices. The building in which the facility is located contains a panoramic elevator, as well as a sauna and jacuzzi, which apartment guests can use completely free of charge.

    7. Koliba Natural Wood 3

    Koliba Natural Wood 3 - if you want to settle in an isolated part of the mountain, away from city noise, this facility is the right place for you. One and a half kilometers from Zlatibor is a real oasis of mountain peace. Staying in this mountain hut preserves the authenticity of mountain life, and in addition, provides you with everything you need for a pleasant stay. It spreads over two floors, has three bedrooms, and therefore can accommodate eight people. The facility has a garden with a children's playground, barbecue facilities, the possibility of renting bicycles. During the winter months, it is possible to rent a sled, and during the summer, a mountain ATV. This apartment is an ideal option for group visits during holidays and vacations. At an additional cost, you can enjoy the on-site spa and bar.

    8. Wooden Valley 3

    Wooden Valley 3 - beautiful view of the mountain slopes. Wooden log cabins are an increasingly popular type of accommodation on Zlatibor. They are the right choice for everyone who comes from urban areas and wants to feel the charms of a real mountain atmosphere. Wooden Valley 3 is ideal for four people or for families, as it has a large play area. The apartment has a living room and bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and terrace of 12 m2, sauna and jacuzzi. All rooms are very carefully decorated and equipped with all necessary means, so that they represent an ideal combination of mountain rustic and modern.

    9. Peković Lux

    Peković Lux - apartment located in the green zone of the central part of Zlatibor. Exceptional view from the terrace of the apartment is a consequence of its position and location on the fifth floor of the building. In addition, it is easy to reach because the building has an extremely modern panoramic elevator. The area of the building is 41 m2, and thanks to the bedroom and the sofa bed in the living room, it can accommodate up to five people. On the terrace there is a large seating area, and inside there are two LCD TVs, so this apartment provides a safe holiday.

    10. Vukota

    Vukota - modernly decorated apartment, located not far from the famous Zlatibor hotel Mona. The spacious terrace has a table and chairs, so you can comfortably enjoy the view of the greenery. The facility consists of a living room with dining area and kitchen, which houses all the appliances needed for complete meal preparation. There is also a separate bedroom, hallway and bathroom. All rooms are spacious, modern and tidy. The apartment has a parking lot, which is under twenty-four-hour supervision.

    What to visit if your choice are apartments in the center of Zlatibor?

    Most of the facilities we singled out are located in the center of Zlatibor, a location that is still the most sought after on the mountain. If you have decided to stay in the center of events and the biggest offers, we single out the most interesting localities and attractions in the vicinity.

    1. Lake Zlatibor

    The jewel of the very center of Zlatibor and the most famous landmark. It is a small artificial lake in the settlement of Kraljeva Voda, 150 meters long and 50 meters wide. Around the lake there is a landscaped walking path with benches and tall pine trees. During the summer you can enjoy pedal boating on the lake, and in the winter the lake turns into a skating rink. On the coast there are a large number of restaurants, which you can enjoy while looking at the water and beautiful greenery.
    Right next to the lake, King's Square is set up, a wide landscaped area where the famous woodcut of a Serbian peasant with a donkey is located. King's Square leads to numerous cafes and clubs, because of which Zlatibor is considered one of the best places for nightlife in Serbia.

    2. Adventure and Dino Park

    If you come on vacation with children, amusement parks on Zlatibor will be the most interesting contents for the whole family. Their location near the center will allow you to enjoy fun and educational activities every day. Dino Park is the latest entertainment space on Zlatibor, where you can find over 20 multimedia replicas of dinosaurs from the Cretaceous and Jurassic era and the same amount of content from the world of modern technology. It spreads over an area of ​​6 hectares, in a beautiful pine forest, so you can enjoy the fresh air with your little ones. The variety of content is also intended for adults, who can also enjoy and learn something new.
    Adventure park - an ideal place for all lovers of excitement and sports activities. Adults and children will undoubtedly be delighted by the combination of beautiful nature and the most unusual activities. The adventure park contains a wide variety of obstacles placed on wooden platforms. The kids will use all their imagination and resourcefulness to cross seven levels of obstacles, a labyrinth, conquer a dragon, overpower Tyson, overcome a wobbly bridge or play an imaginary game of chess with trained instructors. During your stay, there is also a restaurant where you can replenish your energy after an exciting adventure.

    3. Zlatibor Gold Gondola

    The longest panoramic gondola in the world will lead from the center of Zlatibor to Tornik. This project will be a unique opportunity to observe the whole of Zlatibor from a height and see all the beauty of the mountain. The gondola is planned to be nine kilometers long and to have an intermediate station on Ribnica Lake. The capacity of the gondola should be up to 600 passengers and the ride should take about 25 minutes. When completed, it will be enjoyed by skiers, adventurers and group visits. This will be one of the biggest attractions not only in Zlatibor, but in the whole of Serbia.

    How to spend time if you have chosen log cabins in a quiet part of Zlatibor?

    If you have chosen to spend your vacation in a quiet part of the mountain, away from the center of Zlatibor, you will undoubtedly enjoy the beautiful nature and views of the mountain slopes. The advantage of staying in this type of apartment is that they all offer a large number of additional facilities and amenities. They all have large yards that can be used for various types of sports activities, children's play or simply enjoying the mountain width. These facilities will also offer you barbecue equipment or the opportunity to discover the beauties of Zlatibor by riding a bicycle or ATV. In addition, if you are planning to go on a trip outside the accommodation, this part of Zlatibor is rich in natural beauty and sites that should not be missed.

    1. Ribnica Lake

    Seven kilometers from the center of Zlatibor, on the road to Tornik, there is a lake 2000 meters long. The water in the lake is crystal clear and the ground is covered with dark stones. Although swimming in the lake is officially forbidden, fishing is very popular. Fishing enthusiasts will surely enjoy because the lake is rich in different species of fish. This beautiful gem of nature is surrounded by a coniferous forest, where you can find the perfect vacation with a view of the water.

    2. Tornik

    Ski center Tornik is located at an altitude of 1490 meters, and is 9 kilometers from the center of Zlatibor. It is equipped with a six-seater cable car, which can accommodate about 3,000 skiers per hour. Thanks to the introduced system for artificial snow, you can ski on Tornik during all winter months, regardless of the weather conditions. This ski center also provides facilities during the summer months, so you can enjoy panoramic cable car rides, bobsleigh rails, adventure park, mini golf course and multifunctional sports fields. On Tornik there is a special type of installation called tubing, which, like the cable car, can be used in the summer. Tubing is the right choice for all those who would like to experience a dose of adrenaline during the trip.

    In the text, we have tried to show only a part of the options that you can find on the most attractive mountain in western Serbia. We believe that this was enough to interest you and encourage you to use a few days off to enjoy the charms of Zlatibor.

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