Best Apartments on Zlatibor for Vacation with Children

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Zlatibor is an ideal place for relaxation, especially for the whole family to enjoy. Although the holiday during the crown is not easy to organize and implement, Zlatibor is a mountain that will provide you with fresh air, untouched nature, beautiful conifers and a much-needed break from the city crowds and fast-paced lifestyle. When you enjoy the charms of this increasingly popular mountain, we hope that you will, at least for a short time, feel peace and forget about pushing in crowds, wearing masks and waiting in lines. It is on Zlatibor that you can spend your days freely in long walks, enjoying the fresh air and the beauty of nature. Although a vacation with children can sometimes be demanding, staying in the mountains is the perfect opportunity to create some of the most beautiful memories as a family, and we hope that this blog will make it even easier for all parents who are wondering which accommodation is best for their child.
Apartments in the center of Zlatibor
Since you want to spend your vacation on Zlatibor with your family, with the youngest, the location of the accommodation itself is very important and can sometimes be a crucial factor in choosing the perfect apartment for your family. That is why the apartments located in the heart of this beautiful mountain can be perfect for families with children. Comfortable, safe and beautifully decorated space will further contribute to your vacation being almost idyllic and just right for you, and the proximity of the vast majority of tourist attractions, famous restaurants and cafes, as well as the popular adventure park for children, is certainly another added benefit. if you decide to rent an apartment located in the center of the mountain. Below we have selected for you some of the best apartments located in the center of Zlatibor:
Gondola 22 - This is a nicely decorated and modernly equipped, two-bedroom apartment in Miladina Pećinara Street. This luxury apartment, located on the second floor of a spacious building with an elevator, has everything a family could wish for their ideal, mountain holiday. We believe that the little ones will be especially happy with the fact that the Adventure Park is only 220 meters away from Gondola 22. In addition, the bus station, the famous Lake Zlatibor, famous hotels, restaurants, cafes and markets are less than 500 meters away. Accordingly, it is safe to say that this apartment is at the center of all current events on Zlatibor.
Kraljevski konak 33 - This apartment is located in one of the most beautiful and popular complexes in Zlatibor, of course, it is Kraljevski konak. This complex is located in the immediate vicinity of Lake Zlatibor, which, over time, has become one of the most recognizable symbols of this mountain. One of the advantages of the Royal Lodges is that by renting this apartment you also get a beautiful, courtyard space which is also the perfect place to play with your children. If you choose this apartment, in addition to the modern look and luxury that is always guaranteed in it, you will also get a free parking space and close proximity to all tourist attractions of Zlatibor. The apartment is decorated in an authentic and recognizable, Zlatibor style, while the interior is dominated by natural materials such as stone and wood.

Cable car - You have probably heard of the largest gondola in the world, which has almost been put into operation, it is the increasingly popular Gold Gondola. If you want to try with your children everything that this gondola and the beautiful surroundings of Zlatibor have to offer, then the right choice for you is the Žičara apartment, which is located just a few steps from the starting station of the Gold Gondola. This apartment really has a number of amenities and is ideal for families. The cable car is a very nicely decorated, modern, luxurious and functional apartment located on the third floor of a building with an elevator, at 127 Miladina Pećinara Street. A comfortable and spacious double bed is available for parents, while the whole family can gather around the dining table and enjoy dinner after a full day of daily activities. Another advantage of this apartment is its spacious and very nicely decorated terrace with an unforgettable view of the dense pine forests and hills of Zlatibor. We are sure that your children will be delighted with the proximity of the Gold gondola and the ride on it.

Apartments near Zlatibor
For all those who decide to spend their vacation with their youngest in the hilly and wooded parts of Zlatibor, which are covered with dense rows of famous, Zlatibor pine, then the surroundings of this mountain are the ideal choice for your family vacation. The advantages of the location of the apartments located in the immediate vicinity of Zlatibor are great. The most beautiful that the untouched and untamed nature of Zlatibor has to offer you is still in the Zlatibor area. Lovers of healthy living and true nature can find apartments here with an unreal view of all the benefits of the mountain. In addition, apartments in the vicinity of Zlatibor will provide your family with peace, privacy and peace.

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