01 Aug 2021
You must adjust your business to legal regulations, in order to avoid penalties and inspections. Learn how to organize bookkeeping when renting apartments.
08 Jul 2021
When buying a carpet, be sure to avoid the usual mistakes, which are the most common and how to avoid them, our text will show you.
01 Jul 2021
Find out all about equipping pvc apartments with rustic style carpentry, follow our tips and make a real little empire out of your space.
17 Jun 2021
We present you all the information about vaccination against coronavirus and the ways in which you will book accommodation in Belgrade for vaccination
14 May 2021
Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and a professional team of the highest rank in ophthalmology, Sveti Vid will quickly solve your eye problem.
04 Mar 2021
The health of our teeth affects the health of the whole organism. That is why a beautiful smile, healthy and white teeth are synonymous with health.
25 Feb 2021
You have probably heard that many Belgraders decide to rent an apartment during the recent relocation. Here are a couple of situations where this is necessary
11 Feb 2021
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