03 Jun 2016
Most of the people already are a perfect guests. These “tips” are nothing new and nothing closely related to accommodation and traveling.
28 May 2016
If you follow simple house rules and act responsibly, we will be able to provide best service possible for all our customers.
19 May 2016
Spring is great time for vacation or at least to start planning one. Wherever you are planning to go you have to be smart about packing.
12 May 2016
When it comes to finding perfect apartment in Belgrade there are few things that you need to consider before booking it.
02 Apr 2016
Obviously, the dental tourism in Belgrade is worthwhile. Not only will you pay the service much less, but at the same time you will get top quality
04 Sep 2014
We are sure that some of these tips will make your packing much easier wherever you go.
30 Apr 2014
Why is Apartment for day the right choice for you?
28 Apr 2014
Everything you didn't know about Novi Beograd, but you should have known