Belgrade is a city at the confluence of two rivers and two cultures. It is a city that has been growing, developing and gaining new momentum for centuries. Belgrade is a set of modern settlements, but also those that are a bit older, which preserve the true spirit and atmosphere of the city very well. All together they form a unique and unique whole, which today is called modern Belgrade. The capital of Serbia has witnessed numerous historical events and hides many secrets about the fate of people in this area.

(picture of the panorama of Belgrade)

This capital is characterized by many settlements that give Belgrade a unique energy and spirit. Some of the most popular are: Dedinje, Senjak, Belleville, Bežanija, Dorćol, Zemun and the famous New Belgrade blocks.
(picture of any of these settlements)

When it comes to somewhat more remote, but very populated places that are ideal for families with small children, we single out Mirijevo, Borča and the new settlement of Stepa Stepanović, where you can find some of the most modern apartments that are ideal for family life.
(picture of Stepa Stepanovic)

In the following text, we have singled out several popular settlements that are still developing and which, in the opinion of many, are very good places for family life, as well as for studying and spending time.
We will try to bring you closer to some of the most beautiful and best settlements of this great city, which every day becomes the center and point of connection of many cultures and nationalities.

Apartments and flats (put a link to the page of Apartments in Belgrade) with a modern look and top quality are located in the immediate vicinity of all parts of Belgrade and will provide their guests with an even more complete and better experience of Belgrade.
(picture of one of the apartments)
When it comes to elite and popular settlements, it is inevitable to mention Dedinje. Authentic villas, large courtyards, luxury properties are what sets this settlement of Belgrade apart and makes it special. Therefore, this settlement is home to many famous and recognized names. This in many ways elegant settlement is located in the municipality of Savski Venac and occupies a part of Topčider hill. One of the prominent flags of this part of Belgrade is the famous White Palace, the palace of the Serbian royal family.

(picture Dedinja)
Topčider Park
Another beautiful location of Dedinje is Topčiderski Park, a place that is ideal for hanging out with friends and family. This park is one of the oldest parks in Belgrade and with its greenery, forest meadows and horses, it has become an ideal place for rest and relaxation of all generations. The residence of Prince Miloš is a popular place for tourists and is located within this park, as well as the famous Topčider Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul.
Lines leading to Topčiderski park: 38A, 94,49,
(picture of Miloš's residence)

Apartments and apartment per day

Apartments in Belgrade have a wide range of apartments located near this famous, elite neighborhood. Some of them are:
Apartment Dedinje
This apartment is very modern and nicely decorated and is ideal for daily rent. It will provide you with perfect comfort in the heart of Dedinje, as well as accessibility to all parts of the city. (image, link, description)
Apartment Moka (picture, link, description)
This apartment is located on the second floor of a new and modern building in Dedinje. It also has a bedroom with a double bed, while the living room is large and spacious enough for a comfortable corner sofa and a kitchen equipped with all the necessary elements.
Royal complex
Another beautiful location in Dedinje is Topčiderski Park, a place that is ideal for hanging out with friends and family. This park is one of the oldest parks in Belgrade and with its greenery, forest meadows and horses, it has become an ideal place for rest and relaxation of all generations. The residence of Prince Miloš is a popular place for tourists and is located within this park, as well as the famous Topčider Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul.
(picture of the court)

 Museum of the History of Yugoslavia

This museum is an ideal place to learn more about the history, culture and way of life of a country that managed to unite the entire region and become one of the best and most united at the time. In addition, the Museum of the History of Yugoslavia has various programs and exhibitions on even more ancient Serbian history. From the fifth of July, old photographs that recorded unreal moments from the Second World War are also on display. The audience can see what the country looked like just before and after the war, and great historical moments have been recorded.
The ticket price for adults is 400 dinars, while pupils and students always have a discount and the price for them is 200 dinars. Children under the age of ten and people with disabilities are entitled to free admission.
Regular and professional tourist guides in the museum are organized from 11 am in English, and from 12 noon in Serbian, so that foreign visitors to the museum will be interested and will be able to get acquainted with Serbian history.
Lines leading directly to the museum: 34, 36 and 38A

The Old Town is, of course, one of the most famous municipalities in Belgrade. For centuries, Dorcol has been a silent witness to the fate of people from this area and the center of many historical events. In addition to its great historical value, today's Dorcol is a very beautiful and safe place to live. The center of events is always in the center of the city, and Dorcol certainly is.
(picture Dorcol)
Knez Mihailova
Republic Square, the National Theater, the National Museum, the Military Museum, as well as the Museum of Science and Technology, are located in this part of the city and are a real attraction for both tourists and locals. One of the newer shopping centers Rajićeva, the famous Knez Mihajlova Street, as well as Kalemegdan are just some of the popular locations and sights located in Dorćol.
(picture knez mihailove)
Dorcol is ruled by a unique and special spirit, in many ways different from the rest of Belgrade. The warm and cozy Dorcol atmosphere is felt in almost every corner of this settlement, whether you have the honor of living in this part of the city or being its guest for a while. Close neighborly relations, old and untouched parts of a past epoch, incredible connection between the old and the new, red brick bricks that hide many stories about past times and events, and at the same time witness new ones, are just some of the details that Dorcol is distinguished by.

(picture of the restaurant in Skadarlija Three hats)

National Museum
The National Museum in Belgrade is a cultural and famous monument of Serbian culture and history. It is a real treasure trove of Serbian national wealth. In it you can find works by our best painters and sculptors. Paintings by Paja Jovanović and Nadežda Petrović are just some of the permanent exhibits of this important museum. In addition, this museum keeps a document of great importance that dates back to the 12th century, Miroslav's Gospel.

(picture of lower Dorcol)
Apartments and flats in Dorcol
Apartments in Belgrade have a number of beautifully decorated and equipped apartments and studio apartments located in this part of the city. The location of Dorcol is more than excellent. The most popular places of the capital, many sights, libraries, museums and historical monuments are located in the immediate vicinity and from Dorcol they can be reached by a pleasant walk.

Dorcol studio (Dositejeva) -description, picture, link
Heart of Dorcol - description, pictures, link
Famous restaurants
This part of the city also has a number of prominent restaurants to which both loyal guests and new tourists are always happy to return. Mostly national and local specialties are represented, but you can also find very good restaurants of Italian cuisine. Here are some of the best and most visited restaurants in this area:
Botako is a restaurant of predominantly Italian cuisine that contains a large selection of the highest quality food and the best drinks. It is located tucked away in the lower Dorćol, in the narrow Šantićeva Street. One of the advantages of this restaurant is its beautiful and spacious garden, which is filled with plants, flowers and trees.
(picture of the garden)

From the specialties of Botak we single out:
Lasagna-760 din
Beefsteak in pecorino sauce-1150 din
Steak burger-1280 din
Carbonara pasta-780 din
Botako pizza - 1440 din
In the immediate vicinity of the Botako restaurant there is a new and modern restaurant with the original name Jam. New ambience and modern interior are just some of the advantages of this restaurant. The cuisine is international and some of the best chefs are employed in this restaurant, which is located in Knez Miletina Street, which means that all dishes are prepared with full attention and act as small works of art on a plate.
Jam breakfast - 690
Buckwheat pancake with salmon - 630
Ginger smoothie - 330

Zemun is a village located on the right bank of the Danube and with its beauty, popularity, beautifully landscaped promenade by the river constantly attracts the attention of many tourists and visitors. Belgrade has been a part of the city since 1934 and is administratively part of it. Old buildings and authentic colorful houses in the Austro-Hungarian style are just some of the recognizable symbols of Zemun. Zemun has great economic potential for the entire capital.
(picture of the tower)
What makes this settlement especially famous is the famous Gardoš Tower, which, over time, has become a real attraction for many. Gardoš is one of the smaller settlements that make up the center of Zemun. Gardoš is located on the hill of the same name from which a large tower rises. The tower used to be a part of a real fortress around which a residential settlement was formed.
Zemun quay
This promenade is called the Liberation Quay and starts just below the hill and the settlement of Gardoš. The whole promenade is very nicely decorated and a special attraction are the white swans that are located along the river bank. Along the quay there are many apartments, cafes and restaurants.
The Great War Island is protected as a nature reserve and has a very large number of endangered and special bird species. Lido as the most popular beach of this settlement overlooking the Great War Island is just another advantage of Zemun. In the northern part of this island is located the sandy beach Lido, which provides its visitors during the hot, summer days, a real escape and much needed cooling.

Apartment Zemun
(link and image from the site)
This luxurious and nicely equipped apartment is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Zemun, in the Main Street. It is a studio apartment that spreads over 30 square meters. The surroundings are quiet and recognizable houses in the Austro-Hungarian style are located in the immediate vicinity and are there to evoke the old and authentic spirit of this beautiful village. In addition, many popular restaurants, cafes, shops and banks are located in the immediate vicinity. Madlenianum Theater is 200 meters from this apartment, so the location for all guests who decide to book their place in Apartment Zemun is more than excellent. The apartment is very bright, modernly decorated and spacious, although it is a studio.

New Belgrade
New Belgrade is a new, modern and urbanized part of the city located near the Danube and Sava. One of the advantages is the proximity of the quay and the promenade. New Belgrade is one of the parts of the city that is developing the fastest and a large number of foreign investors invest the most in this municipality. That is why the largest number of business facilities, foreign and domestic companies are located in this part of Belgrade.
(picture of New Belgrade)
Shopping malls
Deleta ciry and Ušće shopping mall are the two most famous and most visited shopping centers in our capital. These large complexes are equipped to accommodate thousands of people in just one day. They are spacious and you can find some of the best brands of domestic and foreign manufacturers in them. H&M, Zara, Waikiki, Sprinflid as well as many other popular stores are located in these malls. In addition, Ušće and Delta city have a number of good cafes that are ideal places for rest and a short break between purchases. Cineplex cinemas are also located in these shopping malls on the top floors as well as famous fast food restaurants.
Lines leading to Usce: 27E, 35, 16, 72, 75 and 95
Lines leading to Delta city shopping center: 610, 73,95,89, E1 and E6

(picture of Delta city center)

One of the famous landmarks of New Belgrade are its multi-storey buildings, better known as blocks of flats. The blocks are ideal places for a quiet family life, and the proximity of kindergartens and schools only further facilitates the lives of many families from this area. The most populated blocks are blocks 45 and 70.
Apartments from the site
One of the best and most popular apartments are located in New Belgrade. In our wide offer we especially highlight:

Stella (link, image, description)
This apartment is located in the 65 A block and is dominated by light and gray tones. It is very nice and modernly equipped with the most comfortable furniture. It is ideal for two people and is located on the second floor of the building.
Adriatic (link, image, description)
Also, in the same block there is this beautifully decorated apartment that spreads over 35m2. It is perfect for couples. The space is very functional and the interior is decorated with special care and good taste.
Zetra (link, image, description)
In the same block is the apartment Zetra, very close to the famous shopping center Delta city and another elite and popular neighborhood Belleville. It is also ideal for two people. The interior is beautiful and very luxurious. This apartment, which spreads over 32m2, is dominated by top quality wood and stone.
Large and spacious houses, luxury apartments and villas, beautiful surroundings, lots of greenery and good connections with almost all other parts of the city, are just some of the many advantages of this elite settlement. This guarded and increasingly popular settlement has become home to many prominent and famous people and belongs to the municipality of Savski Venac.
Like Dedinje, Senjak belongs to the more elite and richer settlements of Belgrade, which are constantly evolving and as such, it is an ideal place for a perfect and peaceful family life.
Senjak Restaurants
Tucked away in a quiet and green oasis of Senjak, there is one of the best restaurants in the capital, whose popularity is constantly growing. The service is of top quality and all guests are always satisfied. The menu and drinks menu are varied and there is always something for everyone's taste. This restaurant is also ideal for large weddings and celebrations. In addition to tofu, this popular restaurant also has a playroom for the youngest, so that the little ones are animated in the right way. We have selected some of the best dishes of this restaurant:

Cheese selection - 480 din
Grilled mushrooms - 490 dinars
Spaghetti Carbonara - 650 din
Restaurant 27
This famous restaurant is located in a quiet and beautiful area of ​​Senjak, in Istarska street number 27. The space is bright and the surroundings are full of greenery. The restaurant also has a summer garden, which is ideal for romantic and family gatherings. In addition, the restaurant offers special benefits for larger celebrations and business arrangements.

Apartments in Senjak
Gloria Senjak (description, pictures, link)
This apartment is ideal for three people. It is very ice, modern and luxuriously equipped. In addition, it is very bright and functional. Inside the apartment there is a comfortable double bed, kitchen that contains all the necessary elements, plasma TV and central heating. Everything is furnished so that the guests of the apartment completely enjoy themselves.

Belgrade on the water

This elite and newest settlement of Belgrade aspires to become the very center of all the most current events in the capital. With its modern and new ideas, buildings, shopping malls, business premises and residential buildings, Belgrade on the Water has become the most visited and most sought after place in this city. (can also link to a blog about Belgrade on the water)

Belgrade promenade on the water
Belgrade on the water is characterized by an excellent urban plan, a modern and new promenade that is ideal for long walks along the river. In addition, this village has a number of very famous and popular restaurants, cafes and bars. Some of them are Buda Bar, Red Queen and Savanova. Business premises, meeting and conference rooms as well as facilities intended for private apartments are what make this settlement the most sought after, from the moment its construction began. The location is more than good and this part of the city is well connected with both the old part and New Belgrade.

(picture Bg on water)

We single out one of the best luxury apartments and suites located in the immediate vicinity of this elite resort.

Delux Waterfront (link, image and description)
The apartment has 80 square meters and a garage parking space, and an elevator from the garage leads to the apartment. It is fully equipped for both short and long stays in Belgrade! It is located on the tenth floor of a building that has an elevator and is decorated in pleasant pastel tones.

IVP Waterfront (link, image and description)
It is very modern and marble dominates the interior. It spreads over 50 m2 and can accommodate up to 2 people. The apartment per day has a living room with kitchen separated by a bar, a bedroom with a double bed, a bathroom equipped with a bathtub. From the terrace you are offered the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful view of the city of Belgrade.
 Shopping Center Gallery

This shopping center should be one of the largest and most modernly equipped shopping centers in Belgrade. Domestic and foreign brands and many stores will be located in this shopping center, the construction of which will soon be nearing completion. The most prominent investors and architects have stepped on this project. It will be located in the very center of this elite settlement, on the very bank of the Sava River, and it was built on several levels. It spreads over a masterful 300,000 square meters.

 Belgrade restaurants on the water
Buddha bar
The Buddha bar is becoming increasingly popular for tourists and for domestic guests alike. Superb Asian cuisine and ambience dominate the restaurant and some of the best dishes from Chinese, Japanese and Korean national cuisine can be found right in this restaurant.
An ideal restaurant for the family, as well as for business meetings or conferences. The cuisine is mostly national and the service is very good. Mostly dishes from local cuisine, top quality, are served. The restaurant has a modern design and interior, so it will satisfy everyone's taste and needs. It is located in the most beautiful part of Belgrade on the water, right near the promenade, on the new promenade and it offers a beautiful view of the river.


Belgrade is a city that breathes, develops and captivates with its beauty and uniqueness every day. At the same time, Belgrade is a combination of old and new, modern and traditional, original and conventional. It is a city that has been an eternal inspiration to many famous writers and who have always gladly mentioned it in their works. For all these reasons, we are sure that a visit to this capital will be an unforgettable experience worth mentioning.

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