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  • In addition to a wide offer and high standards, accommodation on Zlatibor is characterized by the existence of a number of special benefits that especially contribute to the quality of holidays spent on the mountain. Therefore, in addition to cleanliness and tidiness, modern decoration and comfort - features that all apartments have, a number of accommodation units have developed additional facilities, which will make the time spent on Zlatibor be used in the best possible way. Such additional qualities of accommodation include: owning your own yard, space for children's play, the possibility of renting props, such as a bicycle or ATV, but most of all, owning a jacuzzi or private pool within the complex where the facility is located. This type of convenience is especially important when it comes to family vacations with children. Undoubtedly, the youngest will be most looking forward to the opportunity to enjoy swimming and water games at any time. Of course, the pool, which is close to the accommodation, will also be suitable for adults, who can find complete peace and the necessary dose of relaxation there.
    In order to help you find the accommodation that is most in line with your wishes, we have selected the five most beautiful apartments on Zlatibor with a swimming pool from the entire wide offer. It is certain that some of these facilities will be reason enough to spend your free days on the perfect combination of fresh mountain air, rich Zlatibor content and quality accommodation that has an additional, very tempting convenience.

    Apartments with pool Zlatibor

    Barović Lux

    Barović Lux - luxury vacation in the most beautiful part of Zlatibor. The apartment is located in the center of the mountain, but still away from the city crowds and surrounded by vegetation. All guests of the Barović apartment have access to a spacious pool completely free of charge. This turns into a special convenience when we take into account the price of the apartment per night. Since the apartment can accommodate as many as six people, a night in it can be afforded for only 12 € per person. With the use of the pool, guests have at their disposal a spacious living room, equipped kitchen with dining area, two bedrooms and a terrace with a beautiful view of the surrounding nature. This apartment is really the ideal solution for everyone who wants a complete vacation close to all city events.

    Lazar Lux

    Lazar Lux - an apartment that offers the opportunity for a perfect vacation. Lazar Lux is a facility located one kilometer from the center of Zlatibor, just above the camp. It has two rooms according to its structure and can accommodate 4 people. It has a separate bedroom with a large double bed, bathroom with the latest sanitary facilities, a spacious balcony and private parking. All rooms are very comfortable, modern and equipped with the necessary appliances. You can provide such quality accommodation for only 50 € per night, or 12 € per person. What makes this price even more affordable, and this facility sets it apart from other facilities of this type is the private pool that you can use completely free of charge. If the Lazar Lux apartment is your choice, there is no doubt that you will provide yourself with very high quality moments on the most visited mountain in western Serbia.

    Hills Star

    Hills Star - an ideal opportunity to enjoy a quiet part of Zlatibor. If you are part of those tourists who love the real Zlatibor atmosphere and the peace provided by parts outside the center, this apartment is the perfect place for you. In addition, it is an ideal solution because of its quality decoration, spacious parts and additional content it offers. It has a bedroom with a fireplace, a terrace overlooking the garden, a large kitchen, which has everything you need to prepare delicious meals. Like the other listed facilities, its greatest value is the possession of an outdoor pool, but also a spa, restaurant and a spacious garden. If you decide to spend your vacation in this luxury accommodation, you will be able to share all its benefits with three other people and for only 55 € together spend an unforgettable summer on Zlatibor.

    Villa Djukic 1

    Villa Djukic 1 - a set of beautiful apartments in Obudojevica. The villa is located 700 meters from the center of Zlatibor, in one of the most beautiful streets of Zlatibor, overlooking the mountain slopes and ski resort Tornik. Within the complex there are several apartments, which are adapted for groups of different sizes. Specifically, apartment number one, is a studio apartment, available for two people, which is provided with a large double bed, kitchen, dining table and terrace overlooking the famous ski resort. The apartment and all its amenities are available for only 25 € per night. What is a feature of all the facilities in the villa, is that by renting them you get the opportunity to use common advantages: landscaped garden with a summer house, mini playground for children, spa with Jacuzzi, swimming pool and suan. The last three benefits are extra. Villa Djukić is one of the highest quality facilities in the entire Zlatibor offer and represents a true oasis of peace, where you will get a quality vacation and get rid of accumulated stress.


    Staza - part of the complex located in the most attractive location on Zlatibor. The building belongs to the Kalman buildings, which are located next to the toboggan and ski trail, in Miladina Pećinara Street, one of the central streets of Zlatibor. Apartment Staza is ideal for 4 people, who have at their disposal all the necessary rooms for a comfortable and convenient stay. For a night in the building, it is necessary to set aside a total of 40 €, which will provide you with real enjoyment in all the beauties of Zlatibor. By choosing this facility you will have at your disposal a number of facilities located within the Kalman building: swimming pool, spa, sauna and gym. The pool is available at a minimum surcharge, which you arrange upon arrival at the accommodation. Undoubtedly, the quality of accommodation and many other qualities of apartments Staza will give you the opportunity to use your vacation on Zlatibor in the best possible way.

    If you are a fan of water facilities or you are coming on vacation with children, and you decide for some other apartments from our offer, we have selected for you the highest quality and most visited pools and beaches on Zlatibor.

    The most visited city swimming pools and bathing areas on Zlatibor

    For all those who spend their summer vacation on Zlatibor, we have selected five swimming pools and public baths, which they can enjoy during hot days. Regardless of whether you choose an apartment in the center of Zlatibor or one of the log cabins in a quiet part of the mountain, you will be able to find a place to cool off and provide yourself and your family with wonderful moments by the water and in the company of nature.

    Pools Zlatibor

    Swimming pool Olimp is located in the center of Zlatibor, and contains an Olympic and children's pool, around which there is a landscaped grass and stone space for deck chairs and umbrellas. Next to the pool there is a large restaurant where you can try delicious Zlatibor dishes. What is special about these water surfaces is that they are filled with natural spring magnesium water, with a low sodium content, which is brought from a nearby well. During your stay in this center, you can enjoy carefree thanks to the fact that all hygiene standards are followed when cleaning and equipping the pool.

    The swimming pool in Golovo - located ten kilometers from Zlatibor, is a true oasis of peace, surrounded by beautiful nature. 30 meters long and 16 meters wide, the pool is the right place for all those who would like to escape from the crowds and enjoy the spring water in silence. The village of Golovo is one of the most beautiful settlements within Zlatibor, so you can complete your arrival at the pool with a trip to one of the nearby beautiful natural spaces.

    Bathing areas on Zlatibor - 3 most visited natural mountain bathing areas

    Kod komša - a swimming pool with the longest tradition, the first built and arranged swimming area on Zlatibor. It is located eight kilometers from the center of the mountain, on the road to the village of Semegnjevo. This space is an ideal combination of nature and various entertainment facilities. In addition to a tidy and spacious swimming area, here you can play tennis, make a barbecue or enjoy a walk along the path surrounded by a pine forest.

    Zlatiborska jezera - nine kilometers from the center of Zlatibor is a place of good fun and entertainment. The lake offers a wide swimming area, a restaurant where you can have lunch, as well as a small aqua park with slides ideal for entertaining the youngest. Like all beaches on Zlatibor, this complex is surrounded by greenery, which provides clean air and the opportunity to spend some time in the company of tall coniferous trees.

    Jokino vrelo - an ideal place for all lovers of water, nature and fishing. Located ten kilometers from the center of Zlatibor, on the road to Mokra Gora, can be an ideal opportunity for a vacation during a trip to the beauties of Mokra Gora. It offers the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful clear water and fish specialties within the restaurant's real local cuisine.

    Swimming pools and swimming pools are an ideal opportunity to find the perfect dose of fun and peace, nature and man-made content. In addition to the listed apartments, within the category of private accommodation Zlatibor you can find some other facilities that best suit your capabilities and desires. Whatever you decide on, there is no doubt that there will be a lot of content of different types in your environment, which will turn your vacation into an unforgettable experience, and bring you back to your daily obligations reborn and relaxed.

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