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Eastern Europe is becoming more and more popular with tourists from all over the world. A sort of exotic destination that was, until quite recently, veiled in mystery behind the impenetrable Iron curtain. Although countries like Russia, Hungary or Poland might be the first ones that come to mind when someone mentions the old Eastern block, there is one country that people rarely talk about and they really should - Yugoslavia.

Yugoslavia was where socialist ideas and western pop culture influences mixed to create a country that was truly unique for it's time. Because of that, it acted as a strange buffer zone between the East and West for the duration of the Cold war.

Belgrade, once the capital of Yugoslavia and now Serbia, is known as the party capital of the Balkans, and people from all over Europe come just to experience it's unique and thrilling nightlife. But Belgrade is so much more than just a party city. It's tempestuous history, diverse culture and overall lifestyle are sure to leave a lasting impression, if you choose to visit. Here are only some of the reasons to do just that:


This first thing you'll hear about Belgrade is how amazing the nightlife is. It's different, exciting, highly diverse and quite affordable. Whether you're into effervescent nightclubs, authentic tavern-like restaurants or cheerful pubs, Belgrade can definitely accomodate you. There's an abundance of places to choose from, so if this is why you're coming, you certainly won't be disappointed. 


If you did any research on Serbia, this has to be one of the things that came up. Fertile land provided a wide variety of fresh ingredients and influences from other cultures, combined with a natural love for gourmet dishes created a truly distinctive cuisine with huge spectrum of flavors that is sure to have something for everyone. Juicy meat specialties, homemade soups and fresh salads are all the reasons you need to visit Belgrade if you're into exploring new flavors from different parts of the world. 


When taking a walk around the center of Belgrade, this is something you'll surely notice. Majestic buildings and mansions built in the latter half of the 19th century by Belgrade's elite, now house a multitude of interesting restaurants, coffee shops and bookstores along with world famous brand stores and many other businesses. It creates a vibrant feeling, especially during winter, when the whole city radiates with a festive spirit that is truly magical. Another very interesting part of Belgrade, mostly because of it's brutal socialist architecture is New Belgrade. A true child of Socialism, now mixed with new shopping malls and shiny company headquarters is a sight to behold. If you see yourself staying in these buildings and experiencing the life of a local, be sure to check out our list of Belgrade flats located in this part of the city. 


With it's long and turbulent history, Belgrade is a real gem for all zelous explorers and history buffs. From Romans and Austrians all the way to the Ottomans, many different cultures left their marks on Belgrade and helped create it's dazzling landscape that we can see today. Kalemegdan fortress is the best example of that. Ever since the Romans first used it as a military post, it has been conquered, destroyed an rebuilt time and again and traces of those battles can still be seen today. 

As one of the founding states of the Non-Aligned Movement, Yugoslavia left a unique cultural legacy on the Balkans that is still present and can be felt throughout all of its former republics. Its central republic, Serbia carried over most of its legacy after the breakup, and thus remnants of its culture are most felt there. If you're planning your vacation in Serbia, take a look at our short term rentals in Belgrade and book your ideal accommodation in any part of the city that you find attractive. If you want to meet good people, and have one truly unforgettable experience, Belgrade is the perfect place for you.

30 Apr 2020
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10 Apr 2020
Belgrade Square represents the central city square and the heart of the capital. It is the center of city events and one of the most beautiful parts of Belgrade