Wellport Condominium - A reliable investment in real estate but also in space for the soul

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  • This closed type of residential complex has a reception, underground parking, private park, green areas, space for recreation, socializing and children's playgrounds

    Buying an apartment is a common choice of those who want to invest their money wisely and safely. It is the most stable type of investment for both individuals and legal entities, and can be seen as a kind of savings. However, to invest in real estate would be really profitable, it is very important which apartment is bought, at what location and who are investors. Many properties lose significantly in value over the years, primarily due to inadequately maintained maintenance, but also due to poorer location.
    Namely, some city locations are simply fading and the price of real estate in those parts of the city is declining. It is similar with facilities that have poor maintenance or are in parts of the city with underdeveloped infrastructure, far from important roads, shopping malls and everything that is necessary for modern life. That is why buying an apartment in Belgrade is a very complex process. It is necessary to choose a part of the city with a perspective, a proven investor, a building that has reliable maintenance, and is located in a good location.

    Wellport project

    With this in mind, the company Shikun & Brinui Group from Israel chose New Belgrade for its Wellport project. This enabled the buyers of apartments in Belgrade to relax and not worry about the future of their real estate. Wellport is the first condominium in that part of the city and is a great example of wholehearted care for all aspects of the lives of its residents. Hence the concerns about the stability of real estate investments. Buying an apartment in the Wellport condominium offers not only comfortable apartments but also a handful of common facilities within the complex intended for its residents. The condominium is a conceptually closed type of residential complex with a central twenty-four-hour reception, underground parking, private park, green areas, space for recreation, socializing and children's playgrounds. At the same time, the condominium is located in a quiet part of New Belgrade, but within easy reach of all the facilities that modern man needs. Residents of Wellport have all its facilities at their disposal, without fear that unwanted people will enter them. The condominium is also protected from graffiti on the walls or any kind of destruction of the common inventory. Condominium maintenance is entrusted to professionals who regularly monitor the functioning and correctness of all existing devices and mechanisms. Professional technical service enables the stability of the functioning of all systems and the durability of the facility. Practically, the price of such facilities does not fall because they "do not age" in the usual way for our conditions, which makes investing in an apartment extremely stable.

    A space that meets true needs

    The condominium space is designed to meet the needs of all family members and all generations. Buying an apartment in a condominium is a complete hit for the elderly who have space to socialize, just like for young people. Walks in a beautifully landscaped park in the evening or early morning can be small invigorating rituals that improve the quality of life. Visual harmony and security within the condominium contributes to the feeling of life satisfaction and the absence of everyday frustrations, or at least those related to housing. Comfort is also guaranteed for young married couples who have completely protected privacy in it, thanks to modern video surveillance and 24-hour security. The modern system called Smart house system, which is optionally applicable in a condominium, makes life much easier and makes it completely in line with the 21st century.
    In that sense, modernity does not go to the detriment of human needs. On the contrary. It is there to make life easier and better for the people to whom it suits and to the extent that it suits.

    If you are planning to invest in real estate and buy an apartment in New Belgrade, keep in mind that Wellport is a project that you should definitely look at. Therefore, schedule a tour of the Wellport condominium by phone: 011 / 4240-222 and 063 / 408-050, and the professional team of the leading real estate consulting company and the exclusive agent for the sale of Wellport apartments - CBS International, part of the Cushman & Wakefield Group, will introduce you in more detail with all the details and provide complete support in choosing the ideal apartment and follow you through the entire buying and selling process. 

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