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Restaurants Zlatibor 

Spending a vacation on Zlatibor, one of the most beautiful and most visited mountains in Serbia, is always a very good idea. Zlatibor is a mountain of great natural beauty which, with its dense, golden pines and many conifers, constantly enchants everyone who decides to enjoy the benefits of this country. 
Staying in this area has many advantages, starting from a pleasant and fresh climate, all the way to healing waters and plants and unreal landscapes. Therefore, over time, Zlatibor has become an increasingly popular holiday destination. The position of the mountain is also specific and it slopes towards the northwest side, which leaves room for air currents from the south to penetrate to the very heart of the mountain. Many of the oldest inhabitants of this area emphasize their healing value and call it the wind rose. The vegetation of this landscape is very rich and always attracts tourists with its natural, often still untouched beauty.
Zlatibor is surrounded by dense pine trees and hills, and in its valley is Ribnica Lake, which has been supplying the whole area with the cleanest water for years. Staying on this mountain is equally good during all seasons and seasons. Tourists come in large numbers in the spring, summer and winter. Accommodation capacities of Zlatibor are large, new ones are constantly being built and created, and the offer of apartments, hotels and villas is diverse and follows the latest and most modern trends. Zlatibor is very often visited equally by all generations, therefore the assortment and offer of this mountain must be colorful and accessible to everyone and ready to meet the needs of both the youngest and slightly older guests. Precisely because of such a position, as well as because of the various attractions that Zlatibor constantly offers to all its visitors, this mountain stands out with a number of popular restaurants with the best local specialties.

Another of the benefits of this area are the well-known traditional specialties of Zlatibor-Užice, which will never leave you indifferent. Uzice set of buns with lamb melting, Zlatibor cheese, prosciutto and various other delicious specialties of local, Serbian cuisine are just some of the popular gastronomic delights of almost all restaurants on this mountain. Therefore, it is very difficult to single out the best of the best, especially when almost every one of them tries to provide the best they can to all guests with various offers. And it is not necessary to emphasize how much this region is known throughout the region for its famous homely atmosphere and hospitality.

Restaurant Mačkat 

One of the oldest, and at the same time certainly the most famous restaurants in the entire Zlatibor district, is the famous restaurant Mačkat near the main road leading to Zlatibor. The ambience of the restaurant is built in a very pleasant and traditional rustic style. Wood and stone mostly dominate the space and the whole atmosphere of the restaurant simply exudes traditional Zlatibor hospitality. The Cat’s menu and its wine list are equally varied and impressive, so we’re pretty sure every guest will find what they love the most and what suits them best. On the menu you can find dishes from local, Serbian cuisine, and one of the most famous specialties of this authentic restaurant is their homemade goulash with mashed potatoes and excellent lamb roast. In addition, while waiting for the main course, the Mačkat restaurant offers you a rich and varied assortment of cold appetizers and the best wines and homemade brandies. If you decide to choose something from the appetizer first, be sure that the prosciutto and cheese from this area will especially delight you. Zlatibor prosciutto, cheese and the inevitable kajmak in combination with homemade ajvar will not leave any guest of the restaurant indifferent. Of course, with the inevitable famous Užice bun with melting. As for the main dishes, the portions are very tasty, but very plentiful and rich. Therefore, be prepared to come to this restaurant on an empty stomach, so that you can fully enjoy all the charms of its offer. Mačkat also thinks of its youngest visitors, so in the beautifully landscaped courtyard of the restaurant there is a playground for children with a fountain in the center. This restaurant is also a family business that is being developed and passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, a comfortable home atmosphere is naturally guaranteed. 

Restaurant Rujno 

Restaurant Rujno is one of the most impressive symbols of the mountain Zlatibor and is located in the heart of Zlatibor, in the city center, near the famous Lake Zlatibor. The view that stretches from this restaurant is beautiful. You can see King's Square, a series of conifers and pedal boats, which are a special tourist attraction on the lake. Within the restaurant there is a spacious terrace that has a lot of comfortable places for all guests. The cuisine of the restaurant is national and varied. The menu contains a variety of traditional dishes, ranging from a set of buns to homemade roasts and grilled specialties. In addition, the menu offers a range of delicious desserts. Rujno is one of the best restaurants in Zlatibor and its great location is another advantage of the restaurant. Almost every passer-by stopped by the Rujno restaurant at least once to enjoy a pleasant home-made coffee and the unreal view that stretches from it. The main feature of the restaurant are the folk dishes of the Zlatibor region, as well as the highest quality domestic and foreign wines. Some of the most sought after specialties are smoked grilled pork leg, pork ribs and homemade pie with cherries and whipped cream.

Restaurant Gozba

Another restaurant located in the heart of this beautiful mountain is the restaurant Gozba. The feast is slightly hidden and tucked away in the center of the mountain. The restaurant is decorated in a pleasant ethno style, with tables carved in the highest quality wood. The service is very professional and the prices are very affordable. The restaurant is proud of its grilled specialties, and many visitors claim that their Zlatibor kebabs are the best and tastiest, as is the homemade flatbread. In addition, the restaurant offers homemade brandy of excellent quality. 

Phoenix Restaurant


In a slightly different, but equally pleasant and beautiful ambience, in the city center, near the famous Zlatibor Lake, there is also the Phoenix Confectionery, which is characterized by the best sweetest specialties. If you like sweets and delicious desserts, this small restaurant, located in the middle of the Zlatibor oasis, is the right place for you. The location of the Phoenix patisserie is almost perfect. In addition to being in the very center of the city and offering a fantastic view of the lake, it is bordered by the increasingly popular tourist complex called Zlatiborski konaci. Zlatiborski konaci are impressive and very nicely decorated with authentic and luxurious apartments that offer their guests the best services and offers. The Phoenix Pastry Shop is definitely one of those good deals. Fenks stands out especially with its pancakes, salty as well as sweet. Our warm recommendation is to try their fruit pancakes with whipped cream, as well as pancakes with plasma and cream. In addition, the restaurant offers a chocolate fountain with the highest quality milk chocolate, in which you can dip finely chopped pieces of fruit, which is a special attraction and the sweetest enjoyment.

Grand restaurant Jezero


Right next to the confectionery Phoenix is ​​the Grand Hotel Zlatibor, which provides service daily, for decades, to all its guests. The restaurant has a large number of seats and its capacity is regularly full. Many tourists constantly praise this restaurant, which is also located in the center of the mountain and in part relies on Lake Zlatibor. The offer is very good and varied and something good can be found for each guest. The staff is very friendly and pleasant, while the ambience is very pleasant and you can always enjoy the fresh air of Zlatibor on the terrace of this restaurant, from which the view extends to the entire lake. A good location is definitely one of the great advantages. This restaurant is the perfect place for guests who come with families, especially in summer when the terrace is open and working at full capacity. It is also a perfect place for almost all kinds of celebrations and gatherings. Whether it is birthdays, parties, weddings, business seminars or conferences, rest assured that this restaurant will provide you with the best service and offer.

Hotel restaurant Palisad

Not far from the coniferous forest of golden pines, near the city center and the lake, but isolated enough to provide much needed peace and quiet, there is another famous symbol of this mountain, which has been located in the heart of Zlatibor, Hotel Palisad. Over the years, the hotel has undergone a series of reconstructions and renovations in order to reach its full splendor and prestige today. The hotel is an ideal place for all generations and ages, and in the woods located just across from the hotel there is a perfect little paradise for both children and their parents. The playground and the proximity of the restaurant in the hotel, which extends in part and on a beautiful terrace filled with colorful flower arrangements, are just some of the great advantages of the Palisad Hotel. In addition, Palisades is often the venue for various congresses and seminars. The menu of the restaurant is, of course, rich and very diverse. The kitchen of the Palisad Hotel is known for combining traditional local specialties with modern and newer ones in a very innovative way. Their drink menu is no less inspiring, while the staff is professional and well equipped.

Hotel restaurant Mona

Hotel Mona is certainly one of the most prestigious hotels and therefore restaurants in this area. Top service, modern ambience and the best local specialties are just some of the advantages and luxurious offers of this hotel. If you decide to spend your vacation in this hotel, you can be sure that you will not regret it. The restaurant offers an excellent offer of food and drinks. The space of the restaurant is beautifully decorated in pastel shades, so that the atmosphere that constantly provides all its guests is even more complete. The reviews of this hotel are overwhelmingly very good, and the hotel itself is widely known for its tidiness and good organization. The hotel’s restaurant menu offers you some of the highest quality sparkling wines from Europe. Mona offers all generations a multitude of different choices for fun, relaxation and much-needed relaxation. Within the hotel are increasingly popular restaurants Perun and Villa, which offer guests a wide selection of specialties, so this hotel offers you a real gastronomic enjoyment. The best children's animators are ready to work with children and entertain them throughout the year, while parents and the slightly older can indulge in the charms of delicious grilled dishes, cooked dishes and sweet desserts. Restaurant Perun is located in the quietest part of the hotel and is one of the best restaurants of national cuisine, which makes it a perfect place for all gourmets and lovers of good wine. The restaurant has a fireplace and an open kitchen. The ambience of the restaurant is dominated by wood, stone and many authentic antiques that further evoke the tucked away, Zlatibor atmosphere. What makes Perun restaurant especially different from the vast majority of other restaurants is the special slow food program. Making and serving food takes place in a special way and very much insists on its quality and organic origin. Therefore, this restaurant is really an ideal place for all lovers of good drinks and food, as well as for all hedonists who like to enjoy the best gourmet specialties.

Restaurant Zlatiborski pastuv

Away from the city bustle and noise of the city center and tucked away in untouched nature in the village Farma, there is this popular restaurant with a creative name, Zlatiborski pastuv. Over time, it has built a reputation and become one of the most beautiful and best restaurants on this unique mountain. One of the special features of the restaurant is its famous village ranch, which allows guests to enjoy beautiful nature, a mini zoo and horseback riding after delicious, traditional specialties. The ranch is extremely nicely decorated and is a real pleasure for anyone who wants to spend their vacation in this truly beautiful place. The restaurant itself and the entire ranch are made in the recognizable Zlatibor ethno style, and the view from the ranch is completely unreal. Zlatibor hills and valleys can be seen from the terrace of the restaurant and provide guests with a real rest for the eyes. The location of this restaurant is ideal for all who want to enjoy the pleasant peace and quiet and the best nature that Zlatibor has to offer. In addition, another advantage is the proximity of Mokra Gora and all its popular attractions. The building is a real little wonder of architecture and it is almost impossible that you will not like the dome of the restaurant, the stone walls, the unusual shape and the spacious terrace that horses often pass by. The true spirit of Zlatibor and the essence of Zlatibor itself are best conveyed and felt in such an idyllic, mountainous atmosphere, while the specialties of local cuisine only further complete the whole atmosphere. Some of the most popular and most sought after drinks and dishes of this restaurant are smoked ribs and their mulled wines. A visit to the Zlatibor stallion can never leave you indifferent, so we definitely warmly recommend it to you.

Restaurant Ljubiš

For all sincere fans of the real cafe atmosphere, one of the best choices is the famous cafe Ljubiš. It is located in a quieter part of the mountain, next to a pine forest and spacious Zlatibor glades, right at the beginning of Zlatibor. Kafana Ljubiš is one of the oldest in this area. In addition to the growing number of tourists, locals are also very frequent guests. Many claim that this is due to the excellent homemade brandy which is one of the attractions of the Ljubiš cafe. In the pond of the restaurant you can find various types of brandy, from honey to plum, apricot and quince. In the center of the restaurant there is an impressive fireplace made of wood in addition, when lunches and dinners are even more pleasant and comfortable for all guests. The tavern is also especially proud of the beef stew with mashed potatoes, a set of buns with lamb melted and crispy homemade projo made from the best Zlatibor flour, which is served with ajvar and goat cheese. In addition, you can find fish specialties on the menu, such as the famous fish soup, grilled trout with rosemary and drunk carp in lemon marinade. 

Restaurant inn Gaj

Away from the city noise and the center of the mountain, skillfully hidden in the real, untouched nature of Zlatibor oasis of peace and quiet, near Cajetina, there is inn Gaj, the perfect place for all those who want real relaxation, fresh air and rest. This is an ideal place for a true vacation in the fresh air. Healthy home-made food, authentic ambience, dense coniferous forests and always pleasant and smiling staff will make your stay in the Gaj tavern an almost unreal experience. In addition to excellent food, Uzice bun, cheese, cream and prosciutto, the ambience of this restaurant is suitable for long walks in the most beautiful nature of the Zlatibor area. The guests of the tavern emphasize the special enjoyment of the beautiful landscapes that stretch from the rustic, stone terrace of this church. The restaurant often plays live music and the musicians are always happy to meet all the guests. The restaurant offers a diverse range of food and beverages, and in addition, their guests can enjoy an unreal lookout and a beautifully landscaped garden located within the restaurant.

Zlatibor is a perfect mountain that with its rose of winds, the smell of pine trees, untouched nature and excellent local specialties always arouses new interest for tourists of all ages and generations. In addition to numerous attractions, natural beauties and activities, Zlatibor certainly boasts the best gastronomic specialties. Based on the choice of prominent and popular restaurants in this area, it is quite clear that the cuisine of this beautiful mountain is mostly based on national and traditional taste. Crisp, a warm set of buns with cheese, eggs and a delicious lamb melt can be tried in all the above-mentioned restaurants, and Zlatibor cheese and sour milk go best with it. In addition, pork, beef prosciutto, home-made bacon, sausages and essential greaves are important in this area. All that, are just some of the dominant specialties of this region and we believe that they will provide real enjoyment to all gourmets.


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