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  • Thanks to the excellent tourist potential that has developed on this mountain, Zlatibor is definitely the most popular location in the country. This was not only contributed by its nature, which delights visitors with its hills, valleys, and forests, but also by the multitude of attractions and exciting things that can entertain everyone. Zlatibor offers its guests a handful of opportunities, which means that this mountain can easily be compared with the largest cities in the country. Another indicator of the incredible popularity of Zlatibor is that it is visited at any time of the year, regardless of the weather or events. In the continuation of the story, we will devote ourselves to a more detailed guide through the prices on Zlatibor, which are sure of interest to all tourists.

    Prices of accommodation units in Zlatibor - what is the offer?

    Accommodation units on Zlatibor can be found on almost every corner, and the offer includes hotels, apartments, various cottages, and log cabins, as well as ethnic villages. Although today Zlatibor is considered one of the more expensive destinations, not far from the center you can find somewhat cheaper and more accessible accommodation. It is essential to point out that all the accommodation units offered in Zlatibor are highly equipped, comfortable, and convenient and provide each visitor with maximum relaxation and tailor-made rest. Depending on the location itself, the approximate price of accommodation also depends, so the total in the center will be far more expensive and attractive than the one on the outskirts of the mountain.

    Apartments on Zlatibor

    Apartment prices and offers

    Apartments on Zlatibor make up the majority of accommodation units on the entire mountain. All apartments offered are neat, orderly, and comfortable, and many contain mountain motifs, mountain atmosphere, and wooden decorations, which additionally attract tourists to choose them. Apartment prices daily start at 30 euros, while that price during the winter season and New Year's holidays can be as much as 100 euros per day. The apartments in the very center by the lake can be twice as expensive since they are much more attractive and luxurious accommodation units.

    The most luxurious apartments in Zlatibor are located within apartment complexes such as Kraljevi konaci, Zlatiborski konaci, Monix Village, Green Hill Apartments Zlatibor, and many others. These are primarily complexes with several stars, which, in addition to the introductory offers, contain a jacuzzi, sauna, or other accompanying facilities. In such accommodation units, one night usually costs around 130 euros.

    Hotel accommodation prices

     Hotel accommodation in Zlatibor is luxurious primarily, and the prices are quoted high. Most of the hotels on Zlatibor also offer food, which is sometimes charged additionally. In addition, most hotels on Zlatibor include a massage area, jacuzzi, sauna, swimming pool, and other facilities for leisure and relaxation. The hotels on Zlatibor are built on extremely high quality and level, with all the accompanying amenities needed for a perfect vacation and maximum relaxation. Prices in hotel accommodations are around 120 euros per night.

    The price of cottages and log cabins on Zlatibor

    Cabins and log cabins are becoming increasingly popular choices for accommodation in Zlatibor since they faithfully portray the scenery of Zlatibor pastures and the famous pine trees found at every turn. Because of such a mountain atmosphere and excellent offers, katuns and bares are becoming increasingly popular among tourists. The most famous accommodation unit in the form of a log cabin is Zlatibor's log cabin, where one night costs around 120 euros. However, on the outskirts of the mountain, it is possible to spend the night in katuns and smaller houses, where a night's stay costs as much as 40 euros.

    Ticket prices for attractions in Zlatibor

    Due to a large number of tourists throughout the region, every year, a new attraction or interesting thing emerges on Zlatibor, which delights everyone again and again. In the last few years, the excellent tourist offer of Zlatibor has exceeded everyone's expectations, so the attractions on this mountain have come to the fore. Indeed, the most recognizable interest today is the Gold Gondola, which was officially put into operation in January 2021. It connects the center of Zlatibor with Tornik, and the entire ride takes 25 minutes. A single adult ticket is 1,200 dinars, while a key for children is 650 dinars. If you come in a group, there are specific discounts, while residents of the municipality of Čajetina pay a ticket of 500 dinars or 350 dinars for children.

    Gold Gondola

    We should mention the famous El Paso City on Zlatibor, a theme park located in Vodice, in beautiful nature. At the same time, El Paso represents a combination of two cultures since the river that flows through this complex separates it into Serbian and American parts. Here you can see different log cabins, an Indian village, a cowboy town, and many other exciting things, which will especially attract both the elderly and the youngest. The price of adult tickets is 500 dinars, while the price for children is 350 dinars.

    In the village of Sirogojno, near Zlatibor, there is an open-air museum called Staro Selo. It is also the only open-air museum in Serbia and is located next to the Church of Saints Peter and Paul. The museum uniquely presents the life and way of living in the Zlatibor region during the 19th century. The unique objects will especially evoke the spirit of that era. The ticket price for adults is 200 dinars, and for children, it is 150 dinars. Children up to 7 years old do not pay admission.

    Nature on Zlatibor

    One of the more popular attractions is the Stopica cave, located on the northeastern side of Zlatibor, between the villages of Rožanstvo and Trnava. It is about 20 km from the tourist center of Zlatibor. Today, the Stopića cave is a natural monument and a protected natural resource of exceptional importance. This Zlatibor attraction can be visited throughout the year, every day, within the working hours of the cave. The price for adults is 250 dinars, while children pay 150 dinars.

    Free Attractions

    The second most popular attraction at the moment is the Multimedia Fountain, which is located on the lake itself in the center of Zlatibor. At the bottom of the lake is the Starry Sky, which has 200 points of light, and the whole scene looks like a real spectacle. Such scenes are free for everyone, which further adds to the popularity of this attraction.

    Another exceptional point of interest that will surely delight tourists is the telescope at the viewpoint of Gradina. At the very top there is a decorated summer house, and the view through the telescope is completely free, so tourists will be able to enjoy the charms of the surroundings. In addition, at a distance of about 15 km, there is Prerast in the village of Dobroselica. These are geomorphological wonders of nature, and visiting this phenomenon is completely free.

    Price of attractions for children in Zlatibor

    The most popular attraction for children is certainly Dino Park Zlatibor, which is fun and educational in nature and makes children a real entertainer and delight. It is far from the hustle and bustle of the city, where children will be able to fully devote themselves to the adventure park, zip line, archery, dinosaur riding and many other activities. The price of tickets for children is 750 dinars, while adults pay 900 dinars.

    Price range and offer of catering establishments in Zlatibor

    In addition to a really large accommodation offer and many attractions that can be visited, Zlatibor is definitely number one when it comes to traditional specialties and local cuisine. Because of this, the famous Zlatibor flavors are known everywhere, and there are countless places where you can try these unique specialties. In Zlatibor, there are a handful of restaurants, cafes, pancake houses and other catering facilities where you can enjoy the specific flavors of the Zlatibor region.

    The price of a restaurant in Zlatibor

    Restaurants on Zlatibor offer unique tastes and an atmosphere that will remain in your memory forever. Some of the most popular restaurants on Zlatibor are Mačkat, Titova vila, Zlatni bor, Gostiljska vrela, Krčma Gaj, Rujno and many others. The rich menu always includes mixed meat, homemade stew, roast lamb, smoked ribs on the grill, but also the famous set of buns, which is a trademark of this region. The prices are mostly similar in every restaurant, so ćevapčići with onions will be around 700 dinars for one person, a portion of Svadbar cabbage will be around 500 dinars, while medallions from Užice will be around 1200 dinars. A family with four members on average spends around 5,500 dinars during one lunch, while one person can have lunch in Zlatibor restaurants for 1,000 dinars.

    Price of cafes and pancake houses in Zlatibor

    Zlatibor has a wide range of different cafes and pancake houses, where everyone can refresh themselves with their favorite coffee or try the perfect combinations of sweet flavors. The most popular cafe is the Grand Irish Pub, and side by side with it are Vendome, Akter, Alibi, Kraljev trg and others, while Milky is certainly the most famous of the pancake houses. The prices of ordinary, domestic coffee are around 200 dinars, while nes coffee is generally between 300 and 350 dinars. The prices of teas are around 250 dinars, while the price of a beer is around 300 dinars. You will certainly try the most beautiful pancakes at the famous pancake house Milky, where a pancake costs an average of 600 dinars, but there are many more pancake houses where you can find perfect pancakes for only 250 dinars.

    Although Zlatibor is known for slightly higher prices and more luxurious accommodation units, it is quite possible to find affordable and cheap accommodation on the outskirts of the mountain. If you are not in the very center of Zlatibor, it is possible to find a very suitable accommodation that will meet all your expectations, and you will still manage to save for Zlatibor specialties and the first morning coffee on the terrace of a cafe. Therefore, our advice is to carefully research all the possibilities that this mountain has to offer, and we are sure that our short guide to the prices on Zlatibor will be of great importance.

    Price range on Zlatibor

    The range of prices for accommodation in Zlatibor depends on many factors, and the location of the apartment, hotel or other accommodation unit is crucial. Since the center of Zlatibor is the most attractive to all visitors, the prices there are significantly higher than in the outskirts and remote mountain places. Also, the service of the accommodation unit largely determines the price, so accommodation with a jacuzzi, sauna, high-speed internet, completely new furniture, and other elements will significantly increase the rental price. In the following table, we offer you an approximate price range for accommodation in Zlatibor:

    Name of the apartment accommodation  Price (from the lowest) Name of the hotel accommodation Price (from the lowest)
    Studio Maxi Dimitrijevic 1 33 € Hotel Agape 60 €
    Two bedroom apartment Lane Vip 50 € Hotel Vip Casa Club Zlatibor 80 €
    Three bedroom apartment Central Lux Zlatibor 80 € Idila Hotel & Spa 100 €
    Three bedroom apartment Lotus Zlatibor 120 € Hotel Zlatibor Mountain Restort & Spa 170 €
    Three bedroom apartment Wooden Valley 1 220 € Grand&Sky Hotel Tornik 200 €


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