New Year’s Eve Party – Belgrade Style

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The ever-buzzing and lively capital of Serbia is renown for its colorful nightlife, from clubs and taverns chock full of jolly and festive people to concerts and festivals which attract audiences from all over the world. Belgrade clubs have truly taken partying to the next level – with clubs of all kinds and styles working almost all year round. However, when the year comes to a close and it's time to ring in the New Year, everyone has to take it up a few notches! When visiting Belgrade around New Year, aside from enjoying the wonderful decorations and the view of Belgrade's architectural masterpieces covered in pure white snow, on New Year's Eve, the city shines in a whole new light, it becomes perfectly radiant with an atmosphere that is reserved for that one special night. Here are some of the best places to visit if you want to have a truly memorable New Year’s Eve in Belgrade.

Belgrade Square

If you’re having a hard time picking out a location to spend the night, don’t fret, because the Belgrade Square never sleeps on New Year’s Eve. In the heart of the city, you can and enjoy good music and gorgeous fireworks under the stars, and the best part is that it comes completely free of charge. There are many events scattered all over the city, with most being in the city center . The main event takes place in front of the National Assembly building, and is graced by performances from many famous Serbian musicians as well as guest performers from all over the world.

Belgrade Restaurants

It’s not uncommon, in fact it is regarded as a sort of tradition, for restaurants in Belgrade to host various kinds of parties as well. That includes New Year’s Eve parties – all of which you can have in a very fancy setting in a banquet hall, with a view of the city, live music, wine and grub. Some of the most famous restaurants that usually organize New Year’s Eve parties are: Restaurant “Stadion Hall”, “Hollywood”, “Milosev Konak”, “Lobby 777”, “Vizantija”, “Ser Gilles”, “Glamoure”, and many more. The prices for reservations vary from 30 € to 70 €.

Belgrade Hotels

Belgrade hotels, although pricier, offer accommodations for New Year’s Eve, as well as organize fantastic parties for New Year’s Eve inside majestic ceremonial halls. Music is usually performed live by local musicians as well as other famous bands, and food and drinks are all inclusive in most cases. You can make your reservation in some of these Hotels even now: Hotels “Slavija”, “Sumadija”,  “Yugoslavia” and "Square Nine Hotel Belgrade" are all renown for their fabulous New Year's Eve parties. If however, hotels are not your scene and you choose to stay in one of the many spacious and luxurious Belgrade apartments, feel free to explore other options offered on this list, you will not be disappointed. 

Belgrade Clubs

For over the top fun, dancing, delicious drinks, vibrant music and an overall unforgettable adrenaline rush, Belgrade clubs are the best pick for a crazy night out on New Year’s Eve. Some clubs are at the heart of the city, you can find others in the River Clubbing district on Sava and on ada Ciganlija beach, which can offer you breathtaking views of the frozen lake and Sava in winter. Some clubs require reservations,while in others you can pay the entrance fee right on the spot. You can find an abundance of information on reservations online, and it’s always a great idea to be prepared so you don’t run out of options. Our picks for the clubs to be in on this New Year's Eve are “Sugar & Spice”, “Blaywatch”, “Cinema”, “Plastic”, “The Bank” and “Mikser House”.

Belgrade New Year’s Eve – Last Minute Eve Tips

Last but not least, bear in mind that Belgrade is a pretty busy city during holidays, so make sure to set off earlier to avoid traffic and not be late to you even of choice. Get a good night’s sleep, and stay hydrated, because you’ll probably be up all night! Keep your tickets with you at all times, because you’ll need to show them at the entrance, and try to avoid drinking beforehand! Security in these clubs has the legal authority to bar intoxicated from entering, even with a reservation. Every drink you can imagine will be at your disposal as soon as you arrive, so there's no need to be in a hurry, the night is long in Belgrade and you don’t want to miss your best New Year’s Eve yet!

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