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  • Ornate streets and squares, shop windows with prominent discounts, wooden kiosks with the smell of mulled wine and a chimney-cake, smiling children's faces in front of Santa Claus performing a performance and light bulbs shining from the windows of crowded apartments remind us that the New Year and Christmas holidays are approaching. Holiday weekends in Belgrade are full of events, both outdoors and indoors. Entertainment is available to all generations. Therefore, for all those who live in Belgrade, but also those who want to spend a weekend in the capital, we have singled out some ideas so that we can afford a good time for ourselves and our family.

    How to spend a magical holiday weekend in Belgrade with your family?

    If you are from the interior and want to treat yourself, your family or friends to a magical weekend in the capital, you should first look for adequate accommodation. For many, the price is the first factor that influences the choice of accommodation, so we have selected for you the ten most affordable apartments in Belgrade. In addition to the price, take care of the location. Belgrade is a big city and crowds are inevitable, especially on weekends before the New Year holidays. Check if you have parking nearby, how many bedrooms you have available and what additional facilities are still available (internet, cable, etc.).

    Once you have chosen accommodation, you can go for a walk. If you have come to visit friends or relatives, your daily schedule will surely be in line with theirs. However, in addition to that, you can find time to visit a museum, a zoo, go shopping, have lunch or a drink, visit some parts of the city that you may not have had the opportunity to do before. We have several suggestions on what you can do during the holiday weekends in Belgrade.

    What can you do in the capital over the weekend?

    Schedule your time well, because Belgrade has a wide range of places with fun content, both for toddlers and teenagers, adolescents, couples, families and retirees. Apart from the winter idyll on Ada Cigalnija, Zemun or Avala, all generations like to enjoy the sweet pleasures provided by chocolate. That is why we suggest that you visit the Chocolate Museum, which is open every day, except Monday, from 10 am to 8 pm. Get acquainted with the history of this delicacy, the way it is made and the way it is consumed. At the end of the tour you can buy chocolate as a souvenir. Another interactive museum you can visit is the Museum of Illusions. Be sure not to believe your own eyes when you notice the setting of the largest franchise chain of museums in the world with your phone or camera. It is open every day from 9 am to 10 pm. If you are interested in science, don't miss the Nikola Tesla Museum, and the National Museum is open to all history lovers.

    Use the evening to go out to dinner in the famous bohemian Skadarlija or to watch a play at the National Theater, JDP, BDP or Atelje 212. The repertoire in cinemas includes the latest achievements, and you can enjoy 3D premieres in Cinneplexes around the city. . Check out what's going on in the city center or in the malls during the weekend you plan to spend in Belgrade. Namely, before the holidays, themed parties are often organized for the youngest, such as plays, concerts, gift giving, painting with Santa Claus and the like. The New Year's fair in the city center exudes a real festive atmosphere. The aromas of mulled wine and brandy, colorful stands with lollipops and handicrafts, the most delicious chimney cake, the presentation of home-made products, with music coming from all sides, will completely captivate you.

    Where to go for a drink, lunch or dinner while enjoying the festive atmosphere?

    If you plan to go for a drink, we recommend the cafeteria "Gardoš" in Zemun, which is decorated with teddy bears and other fairy-tale New Year's decorations. For a view of the decorated streets, the old hotel "Moscow" and Belgrade on the water, book a table for lunch or dinner in the restaurant "Caruso". It is located on the 7th floor of a building in Terazije, and in addition to the view, you will also be disarmed by local specialties.

    Holiday weekends in Belgrade are the right time for shopping

    About 2-3 weeks before the New Year, discounts start in all stores. Be creative enough and choose gifts that will delight your loved ones with New Year's greetings. Choose boxes or decorative papers with New Year's motifs, find the perfect gift and leave it under the Christmas tree.

     Whether you are looking for clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up or technique, be sure to prepare New Year's or Christmas cards with the gift. If you were inspired by the festive atmosphere in Belgrade and want to turn your home into a real fairy tale, buy Christmas tree decorations, big elves or dwarfs, light bulbs, shaggy carpets ... When you return home with a smile and realize that your holiday weekends are in Belgrade inspired by love and smiles, all you have to do is spend the New Year and Christmas in the company of family and friends.

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    For all those who live in Belgrade and those who want to spend a weekend in the capital, we have singled out ideas so that they can afford a vacation.