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Dental practice DIC is a real example of a modern approach to dentistry, which distinguishes it and puts it among the best practices in Serbia. In Lamartinova Street, just a five-minute walk from the Temple of Saint Sava, there is a place where you will overcome fear and solve all dental problems. Friendly staff, equipped and tidy surgeries, will make a very positive first impression when meeting the center. After these general advantages, we come to what sets this dental office apart from most others. It is about owning digital analytics, which quickly and with great precision performs tasks that used to last for several days, and whose results were insufficiently reliable. Therefore, if you want to bring your smile to perfection, which will be lasting and high quality, Dental international center is the right choice for you. What has been a very important link in the dental business in the past and today are the professionals, who use technological achievements in the right way, and thus provide high quality services to customers. Dental practice DIC has all the above qualities. The combination of experienced and educated doctors and modern technology gives results that reach the European level.

Dental International Center is a practice that deals with AESTHETIC dentistry
The services available to you in this Center are:
● general dentistry
● teeth whitening
● oral surgery
● endodontics
● implantology
● prosthetics
● pediatric dentistry
● orthodontics

In addition to all standard dental services, DIC has developed certain benefits and techniques, which set it apart and put it ahead of others. This primarily refers to the field of implantology and aesthetic dentistry and the development of ways of working within them. The process takes place by first taking a picture of the jaw using a machine that painlessly and quickly scans the condition in the mouth and thus obtains all the necessary data. There is no unpleasant and painstaking taking of prints, which brings quite inaccurate results. Here you get almost 100% accuracy, which will lead to a very accurate result. The made image is further sent to skilled technicians, who process it and pass the parameters to the digital machine for making the appropriate crowns. It is a Cerec Cad / Cam computer system, which allows you to get a ceramic crown that fits perfectly to the individual characteristics of the jaw in just one visit. This system is the best possible way of working because it completely eliminates the possibility of human error and provides great precision. This means that after one intervention, you will not have to return to corrections and rework of the implant. One visit will be enough to solve all the problems with the teeth and get rid of the insecurities that they brought with them. In addition to speed and precision, this dental center will provide you with the highest quality materials. Their professional team makes only metal-free crowns for a more permanent and healthier smile. Therefore, implantology in this center has reached the highest level of development and each of its segments has been carefully examined and perfected in order to provide the highest quality service.

Finally, we will summarize the benefits that await you if you decide to be led to the perfect smile by the Dental International Center:
● Analysis, data processing and production of prosthetic restorations (crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays) are performed in one place.
● The previous item leads to the speed of services: taking an impression in just a few minutes, and making prosthetic restorations in just one day. Therefore, a smile for the day is the basic motto of this dental practice.
● Production of prosthetic restorations from the highest quality materials, which will provide long-lasting, high-quality and significantly healthier solutions.
● Affordable prices - you will be able to afford all the above benefits for a very decent amount of money, despite the fact that the services are up to several times better than those provided by the classic, traditional way of working.
● A wide range of services offered by a professional team of doctors will allow you to solve any dental problem and get the perfect smile.
All these advantages make the DIC Dental Practice a place that helps its patients to overcome fear, quickly and painlessly eliminate the problem and get the best solutions. This is a place where a smile returns to your face! And in just one day.



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