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  • When children come into your life and you devote most of your energy and attention to them, it often happens that body, hair and nail care falls low on the list of priorities. This is especially the case when you are in a situation where you have to take care of your child throughout the day, and there is no help at every step. But, what would you say if we referred you to a beauty salon, which will be happy to take care of your little ones while you enjoy one of the treatments? Mama’s corner was created with you in mind and aims to give you a relaxing experience in every field. Find out below what treatments and benefits await you in this magical salon.

    First-class head-to-toe care

    You leave the care of your body, hair and nails to professionals and first-class products, which makes Mama’s corner especially proud. Whether you are going to a treatment for the first time or you are already a veteran, you will notice a dose of precision and professionalism in every movement. There doesn't have to be a special opportunity to treat yourself to going to the salon, and in Mama's corner you will find the following treatments at prices for everyone's pocket:

    • Hair Care: Have you been thinking about bringing new life to your hair for some time? Do you need care you can't afford at home? Look no further than this salon! From the first to the last steps, your hair will go through skillful hands and on the way to haircuts, new strands, lightening or various types of braids ideal for festive occasions, it will be accompanied by Loreal and Revlon products.
    • Nail care: Your nails and cuticles will be grateful for a good manicure and OPI preparations, and a treatment that will make your skin look younger can never hurt. Nail polish and French are always current, and going to Mama’s corner is an ideal opportunity to try special gel polishes and interesting designs. Toenails deserve special attention, so pedicure services are inevitable.

    • Skin care: Depilation may not be everyone's favorite activity, but from time to time it is nice to lie in clean and cool bedding with smooth and well-groomed feet. Cold and warm wax will be at your disposal, but also the increasingly popular sugar paste, ideal for lovers of completely natural products. We must not forget to mention massages, and we have no doubt that tired mothers will be most happy. Therapeutic and relax massages are a complete success, and you shouldn't run away from anti-cellulite massage if you're kidding with it.

    Mama’s unique business corner

    From other luxury salons in Belgrade, Mama’s corner stands out not only for its charm. He visibly puts his clients in the center of attention, taking care of all their specialties and needs. The biggest trump card of the salon is the playroom, ideal for all moms. Take your child with you to the salon without worries and you won't have to worry about his fun and safety for a second! A well-equipped playroom will educate and animate children in a creative way, which will be just a few rooms away from you. This service is completely free with any treatment, you only need to book an appointment.

    When you want to surprise the women in your life, and especially those who have an affinity for beauty salons, keep Mama’s corner in mind, because there you can do it in many ways. Gift cards are a great gift for someone who has not visited salons for a long time, so you give him the wind in his back. Pay the amount of money and forward the card to a friend, mother, colleague, sister to use it for treatment in that price range.

    The ultimate experience we all deserve, lots of fun and a warm atmosphere, sipping champagne while someone professionally “works on your head” or on your nails can be a few steps away from you. How do you feel about the idea of ​​renting an entire salon for your powerful women's team and spending a day filled with relaxation and fun? Mama’s corner thought about that too. Visit the site: Mama’s corner and book #VREMEZANAS as soon as possible.

    Book your treatments today!

    You will find Mama’s corner at Admirala Vukovića 61, in a pleasant and quiet neighborhood between Dušanovac and Autokomanda. In addition to finding a detailed price list on the site, the easiest way to book a treatment is online through a few simple steps. For all of you who prefer oral communication, the phones 011/39 89 222 and 011/63 39 89 are available. Do not hesitate and head to one of the best salons in Belgrade, whose employees will be happy to host you throughout the week!

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