40th International Tourism Fair: The Whole World in Belgrade

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Who doesn't love traveling? The excitement while picking out a destination, that unstoppable rush of adrenaline when packing and the obligatory sleepless night before the big day are all the things that make up a truly unforgettable trip.

Of course, life often makes its own plans, and for whatever reason we often don't get to have that perfect vacation we've been dreaming of. For all the lucky ones, the 40th International Tourism Fair is a perfect opportunity to grab some truly amazing deals for those breathtaking destinations, without breaking the bank.

This year's event will be held from February 22nd 'till the 25th  in the well-know halls of the Belgrade Fair. Tickets will be sold at 300 dinars a pop, while groups and families will get a nice discount.

It's a fact that most of us rely on those sudden last minute offers in the middle of the season. And no wonder, they're cheap and you can get a really sweet package. However, Belgrade's International Tourism Fair offers a unique opportunity to book first minute offers at equally cheap prices with even sweeter packages. Another benefit of first minute offers, by comparison, is that you can plan for months in advance and avoid the anxiety and unpredictability that come with last minute offers.

Accommodation is as important as the destination itself. We all want a comfy bed in a well-decorated room with a spacious bathroom, right? But, if you can't afford a lavish apartment like that in, let's say, Kairo or Paris, with our luxury apartments Belgrade quickly becomes an equally extravagant location.

If you've come this far and are still wondering just where the heck is Belgrade anyway, fear not it's closer than you think.

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, located in the heart of the Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe. A truly unique city with just over a million people that encompasses a wide variety of cultural influences evident in everything from architecture to marvelous cuisine.

Back to the Fair, if you're thinking that this event's only topic is tourism, you couldn't be further from the truth. Accompanying it, are two equally interesting events, Catering Equipment Fair - HORECA and The International Wine Fair - BEOWINE.

International Wine Fair - BEOWINE

This is for all of us who know how to appreciate a good drink. Representatives from some of the finest wineries and distilleries will showcase their products, which, if you're a fan is reason enough not to miss it.


Aside from it's golden sandy beaches and crystal clear water, Dalmatia is quite famous for producing some of the best wines in the region. This year, Dalmacijavino, with it's long tradition going back more than 7 decades chose to present us with their Merlot Barrique from 2015. All in all, if you are a wine lover, you won't regret paying them a visit.


Distillery Dar Visova

When you hear the words Serbia and alcohol in the same sentence, there's usually Rakia hiding in there as well. People are attached to it so much, that they even use it as a natural remedy,  though we can't vouch for its medicinal properties. Dar Visova distillery produces high quality plum and apricot rakia and we've decided to go with their perfectly matured 15-year -old plum brandy commonly known as Sljivovica. If you're interested in tasting a genuine piece of Serbian tradition, look no further.

International Tourism Fair is a multicultural attraction that draws in visitors from all walks of life and a variety of different countries. And it's not just seekers of cheap travel arrangements, but also a vast number of entrepreneurs looking to meet potential partners and investors. Professionally organized and thoroughly planned out, it contains a program that includes every integral part of travel.


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