Renting apartment in Belgrade vs renting hotel room

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After you've picked your dream location, the next logical step is to find adequate accommodation. Finding the right accommodation is crucial, and can sometimes make or break your perfect vacation. But what should you opt for? A classic hotel or a rising star in the accommodation business, a private apartment. 


The very first thing that comes to mind is, of course, the price. Vacation can be a pricey thing when you factor in all the expenses that go along with it - transportation, food, drinks and other commodities, entrance fees to your desired places and of course the accommodation. 

When it comes to hotels in Belgrade prices can vary a lot. It mostly depends on the number of stars and the location. Prices usually start at 75€  per night and go up from there. If you are lucky enough to get a discount, you might end up paying around 60€ for one night. 

On the other hand, if hotels sound too expensive, you can always rent an apartment in  a very good location in Belgrade for as low as 30€ per night. However, more luxurious apartments will cost your around 45€ per night, which is still cheaper than most hotel rooms. Please feel free to check them out in our section on Belgrade apartments rental.

Amenities and rooms

Once you book your hotel room, you're pretty much done, that price will usually include breakfast and a parking space, along with other things such as room cleaning.

On the other hand, when booking an apartment in Belgrade you can choose from a variety of styles and sizes that best suit your needs. Every apartment has a kitchen and a bathroom, along with a washing machine, a stove, a hairdryer, free wifi and all other appliances that a regular apartment would have. However, parking can be a tricky thing in Belgrade, especially in the city center and some apartments will offer their own private parking, but if they don’t you can always park your car on public parking lots.


As we already mentioned, the price of a hotel room will usually include breakfast, and if that's not enough you can always opt for an all inclusive fee but that can be quite pricey. Apartments, on the other hand, include no meals in their price. This of course means that you'd have visit local grocery stores and fresh markets and cook for yourself, which can be an exciting adventure on it's own. 

Most hotels will serve you delicious food of high quality, but the downside of that is the fact that you've probably eaten that kind of food a thousand times already. There's no point in coming to Serbia if you're not planning to take full advantage of it's unique, traditional cuisine. For that you'll need to explore local restaurants and all the remarkable flavors that Serbia has to offer. However, if you are not a fan of local ethnic foods, don't worry, Belgrade has a plethora of excellent international restaurants that are sure to satisfy your needs. 


Last but not least is the location. Hotels are located all over Belgrade, you can find plenty of nice ones in the very center of the city or, if you don't mind the traffic and other sounds of a big city, you can go with the ones located in the main streets of Belgrade. A definite perk of staying in the center or one of the main streets is that you have very good access to public transportation.

But, what if we told you, that there is an option that offers all the perks of being in the city center, just without all the ruckus that comes with it? Book one of the many luxury apartments Belgrade center has to offer. They are located in smaller streets, just off the main roads and thus offer a different and camler environment.

Don't like staying in the heart of the city? Like taking long, relaxing walks instead of using public transportation? No problem, we have apartments all over Belgrade, so you can choose an apartment in a more quiet neighbourhood. Our apartments are sure to satisfy you, whatever your preferences might be. 


Both options have their pros and cons, it basically boils down to your personal preferences and your idea of a perfect vacation. We've given you all the information and now the rest is up to you. What do you like? What's important to you when traveling? Once you answer this question, you'll know if you should opt for a hotel or an apartment.



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