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Serbia has always been one of the countries that abounds with beautiful medicinal spas, the sources of the healthiest and cleanest water, but also the most skilled doctors in our area. It is not unknown that many foreigners come to Belgrade just to get quality and much more favorable health care than they get in their country. Statistics are medical tourism in Belgrade ranked by popularity in the same ranking with two of our biggest EXIT and Guca festivals.

Perhaps many are wondering when the price of a flat in Belgrade, which is necessary to rent during the stay in Serbia, is calculated at the price of medical services, how it can be profitable for a foreigner. Believe me, the difference between our prices and prices in the world in some countries reaches more than a thousand euros. When it comes to expertise, our doctors are not far behind the best physicians around the world, and given the progress of technology and medicine, private clinics in Belgrade are equipped with the latest medical devices for all interventions.


Statistics show that the largest number of foreigners coming to our country for medical services comes from America, England, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. In this statistic there are a large number of our people who work and live abroad, and very often our people recommend Belgrade to their friends abroad for all kinds of medical services. What makes strangers most often come are the areas of ophthalmology, dentistry and aesthetic surgery. The price of these services can sometimes be even three times lower than in other countries.

In addition to all of the above, foreigners often come to Belgrade to perform cardiological interventions or the installation of an artificial hip or knee. Another reason why we may not speak so much in the world, but in the world and as you mention it is the arrival of strangers and the change of sex. When it comes to this area, Serbia can boast the most skilled people, and the fact is that Belgrade's team of doctors for genital surgery is one of the most successful and best known in the world.

The famous BBC television in its documentary talked about how Belgrade is very important and one of the main centers for operations in which extremities are prolonged. Many of the operations that you have not been instructed so far are performed in our capital, for example, bone extension operations. This type of surgery most often requires low-growth people, but also people who have health problems.

Coming to treatment in the Serbian capital has experienced a real explosion in the last few years. When it comes to prices in particular, even Americans and Britons are paid to spend a few days in Serbia for a cheaper service. If you are told that a routine systematic overview in Britain requires about 2,000 euros, and with us this review costs up to 200 euros maximum - the calculation is more than clear. With all transport and other travel costs in Serbia, the total price will be around 1,000 euros, and it will save fifty percent.

In Belgrade, you need 1,400 euros for glaucoma surgery, when you pay for affordable apartments for rent in Belgrade, while for an overview and intervention in England, you need to extract just over 2,500 euros for this. Foreigners in Belgrade are also doing heart surgeries, and more and more often in the last two or three years. So far, only about 20% of foreigners come to Belgrade for cosmetic surgery, but it is expected that this rate will become much higher.

When it comes to genital surgery, our surgeons have been operated by more than 500 foreign patients over the past several years and in these interventions cover all the anomalies, innate and acquired, as well as the already mentioned change in genital organs. The price of these services ranges from 1,500 to 6,700 euros, for a change of half it is necessary to allocate between 7,000 and 8,000 euros, while prices for these interventions in the world are more expensive two to three times.

Belgrade officially became the center of medical tourism since 2009, when it is first mentioned legally and formally in the Law on Tourism. The agency dealing with this type of tourism has more than 20 contracts with private health institutions and several with travel agencies.

So, when it comes to medical tourism, it is officially registered as such in our law, and statistics are processed statistically every year about foreign tourists who are treated with us. From year to year, this number is getting bigger, and Belgrade is on an even better and leading position when it comes to this type of tourism. The annual sum for this kind of tourism in Belgrade brings about a hundred billion dollars.


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