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Apartments in Belgrade offer you the best available prices of Belgrade Apartments. Have you ever wondered what factors determine the prices of our apartments? We've decided to clarify a few things and help you better understand why are our apartments the best priced option when booking accommodation in Belgrade.


Belgrade apartment prices depend on the location of the apartment itself. Belgrade is a big city, and if you are looking for an apartment that is close to, or in the city center, it's likely that such an apartment will have a higher price than some apartments that are located in other, calmer neighbourhoods.


Another important factor that dictates the price of an apartment is the amount of additional appliances and the level of luxury it has. All of our apartments are fully equipped with all the necessities like a kitchen, a fridge, washing machine and so forth and offer a truly comfy and relaxing experience. Some apartments however, have a higher degree of luxury and include a jacuzzi or a sauna. These are the ones that are going to cost you more. 

The number of guests

The size of an apartment and by extension the number of people it can accommodate is another factor when talking about the price. Smaller apartments with a smaller number of people are naturally going to be cheaper than their larger counterparts that accommodate a higher number of guests. However, when all is said and done, it may be cheaper to stay in a larger apartment with a group of your friends or family and divide the cost, than it would be for your to stay in a smaller apartment by yourself. 

Length of stay

Did you know that the price of an apartment can get substantially lower if you are planning to stay in Belgrade for a period that's longer than 15 days? Some hosts offer such discounts so if you are planning a longer trip, be sure to ask them about it. Another perk of a longer stay in our apartments is that you won't be confined to a hotel room for the duration of the trip, but instead, you'll be able to feel right at home with all the perks of a fully equipped apartment. 


There you have it, those are some of the main factors that determine the price of our apartments. We have to point out once again that Apartments in Belgrade offer substantially lower apartment prices than hotels and hostels. Our Belgrade cheap accommodation offers attractive locations, comfort and privacy guaranteed to make you feel at home.

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