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Every hotel, hostel and apartment has its own house rules. Most people already know how they should behave, but rules can vary from place to place. House rules are not that strict or hard to follow, and they exist to benefit you as well as your host and other guests. 

Apartments in Belgrade team is working hard to make your stay in our apartments more comfortable and carefree. Our goal is to keep our apartments in perfect condition for all users, and in order to do that we need your help. If you follow our simple house rules and act responsibly, we will be able to provide you with the best service possible.

Here is a list of some simple house rules that you should follow if you choose to stay in any of our belgrade apartments listed on the website.

Check in and check out

Please make sure that you honor the arranged time for checking in and checking out. If you don’t check out on time, the next guest won’t be able to check in and just imagine how you'd feel if you turn out to be that next guest. When want to leave the apartment in the best possible condition for the next guest, just as it was when you were checking in. 

Do not disturb others

When we say do not disturb others we mean that you should be careful about being loud or noisy in the apartment and in the hallways outside, especially between the hours of 2pm and 5pm and10pm and 9am. These hours are reserved for rest and relaxation and others should be able to enjoy it as much as you do.

We are sure that you already know this, but most people are not aware of the noise they make and how it’s affecting people around them. This can be really unpleasant, especially if  there are older folks or people with kids in an apartment next to yours.

If you are making noise at this hour you shouldn’t be surprised if someone comes to complain. To avoid any such unnecessary conflict, make sure to follow this rule and ensure a pleasant stay for everyone.

Pets in apartment

Some apartments will allow you to bring your pet with you and others will not, it's very important to check beforehand and make sure. Usually if it doesn’t say anything about pets in the description it means that you won't be permitted to bring them. Most pet-friendly apartments will have that clearly stated in the description, but it doesn't hurt to double check. 

Bringing other people into apartment

Of course you can have guests over as long you don’t make noise and disturb others. But this doesn’t mean that they can spend the night. There shouldn’t be more people staying overnight than the number of people allowed or registered. It is really important to follow this rule, as to avoid any potential problems with the neighbors or the owner. 

Careful with the amenities

Make sure you don’t break anything. If you cause any damage you will have to pay for it. Bottom line - treat it like it's your own. 

Leave apartment in same condition like it was when you checked in

This means that apartment should be undamaged and clean. It’s not like you have to clean everything, we have people who do that but just make sure you don’t leave garbage all over the place.

In emergency call apartment owner

If any emergency occurs, like fire, flooding, or if anything doesn’t work or gets broken you should call apartment owner at once. Do not try to fix broken things on your own, since you can cause even more damage that you'll then have to pay from your own pocket, or even worse you might hurt yourself. 

Take care of your personal belongings

Apartment owners are not responsible in case you lose something. Your personal items and valuables are your responsibility and you should always keep track of where you left them. 

If you follow these rules you really shouldn’t encounter any problems, even more you will probably have the best time of your life. We wish you a pleasant stay at our apartment and if you have any questions about our house rules or are just looking for cheap apartments in Belgrade, feel free to contact us. We're always there for you. 





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