Does apartment accommodation have advantages over hotels and hostels?

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  • When we decide that the time has come for a new trip, apart from the location itself, it is essential to choose the accommodation we will be prompt. Regarding accommodation units such as apartments, hotels, and hostels, they offer different benefits to their guests. While the hotel leads the way in some details, the apartment units can also boast great comfort and convenience. To present the advantages and benefits of each accommodation unit, below we offer their main features and some negative aspects.

    Advantages and disadvantages of hotel accommodation

    Since ancient times, the hotel has been one of the most popular accommodation units in our country and the whole world. Hotels provide most of the necessary things during a vacation or a business trip, so, commonly, many choose a hotel when they go on vacation and various business trips.

    The hotel offers many additional amenities

    Regarding the positive aspects of staying in a hotel, the first important thing is the reception service. The reception staff is available for you throughout your stay, and you can ask them any questions. They will guide you to your room and familiarize you with the hotel's policy and rules of conduct, but they will always be willing to give you a brief description of the surroundings and advice on visiting places.

    Another thing that has influenced the incredible popularity of the hotel is the large number of activities in one area. Hotels will be the ideal choice for you if you want to get a clean room. Still, additional benefits include a sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool, recreational sports such as darts or billiards, exercise in the gym, room service, and many others. In addition, the restaurant within the hotel will allow you to save more money and time so that you don't have to look around for good places for meals.

    Hotel prices are often higher than average

    The first thing that will make you think about staying in a hotel is the price. Although today you can find hotel accommodation at an affordable price, there are more and more hotels that raise their prices, thus making it impossible for the middle class to stay in them. The average price of hotel accommodation today is around 50 euros, and if the hotel is located in the very center of the city, that price can be double. This can be a problem, especially for a family with children who cannot allocate such money for one vacation. In addition, additional hotel services are often charged subsequently, which certainly raises the cost.

    Although today we are used to meeting many people every day, this is different on vacation. Therefore, the hotel might not be such an ideal option since you will constantly meet hotel staff and guests who have rented hotel rooms, but also with those who only use specific amenities of the hotel, such as the restaurant, gym, swimming pool, and the like. If you are not ready for crowds during your vacation, the advice is to choose a smaller hotel in a quieter part of the city or opt for a different type of accommodation.

    Hostels have become a prevalent type of shared accommodation thanks to their exceptional practicality and simplicity. This type of accommodation is commonplace among the younger population since it offers numerous benefits when it comes to the needs of young people. Regarding hostels, you can book a bed, not a room, which is why there are conflicting opinions about the quality of this type of accommodation.

    Another great advantage of the hostel is that its price is highly favorable. Compared to other accommodation units, the offer provided by the hostel is generally the cheapest on the market. Thanks to this, you can find a bed in a hostel for only 10 euros, which is almost impossible today for any other accommodation unit.

    The hostel is characterized by a lack of privacy

    The hostel can be the right choice for you if you are a fan of fun and parties but also uncertainty. When booking a bed in a hostel, you generally don't know who is waiting for you in that room, so it can be an exciting experience for all those who like meeting others and socializing at dawn. Thus, you can share your travel experiences with others and meet someone similar.

    However, such situations can be very unpleasant, especially for those afraid to spend the night with unknown persons. Ask which hostels offer single or double rooms if you want to be alone in a room. However, the demand for such spaces is high for the reason mentioned above, so it would be good to book it in time.

    A fact that can also cause discomfort is that everyone shares a bathroom. Although, as in every accommodation unit, care is taken about the hygiene and appearance of the toilet, many people will feel uncomfortable sharing the bathroom with strangers. Of course, if the hostel staff takes care of the hygiene and cleanliness of the bathroom and other rooms, this should be fine.

    When you are in the hostel, lock the valuables in the safe, or put them in a place known only to you since thefts are common in the hostel. However, hostels have a high level of security, so you can always contact the staff if you have a problem or doubt.

    Staying in apartments - what to expect?

    Apartments are the most popular type of accommodation today. You can find many apartments with different services and amenities wherever you go or plan to go. Therefore, staying in an apartment is one of the most practical and safest options when traveling.

    The first thing that apartment accommodation offers you is complete privacy. When you take the keys into your hands, your privacy will be guaranteed, and you will feel at home. Thanks to the entire concept of the apartments, they offer much more flexibility, space, and freedom than you need on vacation.

    Regarding the price of apartments, it is possible to find affordable flats in almost all locations. Even in the city center, finding an apartment at a reasonable price is possible if you research enough. Apartment prices can range from 15 euros per night, while luxurious and modern apartments can cost around 100 euros per night.

    Today, you can find an apartment in almost any city corner or tourist spot, which is another significant advantage. Whether you want accommodation in the central part of the city to be up to date with the main events, or you still dream of peace away from the noise and crowds, apartment accommodation can offer you what you want. Because of this practicality, most tourists decide to stay in an apartment.

    Does apartment accommodation have any disadvantages?

    ​Like any accommodation, apartments may not meet all tourists' standards. Namely, some tourists may be bothered that most apartments do not offer a restaurant with breakfast, room services like a hotel, or additional amenities such as a reception desk. If you want a whole atmosphere and don't want to spend time preparing a bed or a meal, then it would be better to choose hotel accommodation.

    Although choosing an accommodation unit can sometimes be difficult, depending on your affinities and the accommodation offers, you will quickly decide what suits you best. If you look at the price, the hostel would be the best option, but the apartment is still the best due to the complete atmosphere and quality. On the other hand, the hotel provides maximum comfort and numerous additional activities, while the price is significantly higher. Finally, apartment accommodation stands out as an ideal combination of price, quality, and all amenities, providing its guests with real rest and recreation.

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