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Don’t let the name fool you “Tamo daleko” (far away) is actually really close, located in the center (Takovska 45) restaurant is real little heaven only walking distance away from all the most famous sights. We have visited this restaurant few times, and wherever we go and whatever we see, we keep coming back to “Tamo daleko” because there we feel like at home. This is the main reason why we want to share our experience with you.


First thing you’ll see once you step in, is interior. You will be speechless. It’s understatement to say that interior is beautiful, actually it’s something we’ve never seen before, and trust us we’ve seen a lot. We have visited many restaurants in Serbia and region, all over the world, but “Tamo daleko” still knocked us out off feet.

Every single thing in the restaurant, from floors and walls, to furniture and tiniest details is on its perfect place. You can see that they were thinking a lot about every single detail and that they decorated whole place carefully with a lot of love. Style is traditional, yet modern. Some of the details like small crochet tablecloths will put smile on your face and bring back some childhood memories and memories of your grandma.


Restaurant has two sections inside, gallery and outdoor seating. To be honest there is no way you can decide which part of the restaurant is more beautiful. First section, the one you will see once you enter restaurant along with gallery is furnished with tables and chairs and is perfect for lunch or dinner. Once you pass stairs you will enter second section. If you weren’t impressed with gallery and first section, second one will blow you away. You might be even a bit confused at first, you will feel like you’ve entered someone living room.


Comfortable armchairs next to the fireplace and cozy sofa is exactly what you need to relax and forget about all the problems. Here you can enjoy drinking morning coffee and reading newspaper, or relax and enjoy after a busy day. Trust us, only hour in this ambient will be enough to relax and charge your batteries.

While we are still talking about ambient we mustn’t forget to mention outdoors. Hidden from the noise and traffic, sitting outdoors will provide you peaceful and quiet environment to enjoy in. It will take only few minutes to forget that you are in center of Belgrade.


Outdoor tables, in whole restaurant to be precise, are arranged so that no one is disturbing anyone. You won’t be able to hear other guests sitting next to you. Another great outdoor asset is playground for kids. That is what makes this restaurant perfect choice for family lunch or dinner. Kids can go play while you enjoy your meal without having to watch them all the time.

Besides the interior which is more than beautiful you will be astonished with atmosphere in restaurant. Everything is so cozy, relaxing and you can feel a lot of positive energy. It feels like home. Soft music adds on to that feeling even more. It’s loud enough so you can hear it and yet quiet enough so you can talk normally with your friends.


Restaurant staff is great, they are polite, always in good mood and with smile on their faces. Feel free to ask them anything you want, they will be more than happy to answer all your questions. They can also recommend you dishes and tell you more about them.

Every single dish on menu is specialty on its own. We wouldn’t be surprised at all if it took you a lot of time to decide what to eat. All the dishes are so interesting and tempting, made from organic traditional ingredients but with modern take. What will make you laugh are the names of dishes. You will see dishes like “Mali domacin” (little host), “Damska posla” (ladies business), “Dimnicar” (chimney sweep), “Pankerka” (punk girl), “Slatka mala” (sweet little), but don’t worry next to the name you will find description, so you will always know exactly what you are ordering.


You must try “Totalno drugaciji od drugih” (totally different from others) – well known beef burger with cheddar cheese, bacon, egg, potatoes, fried onions… For this burger it’s worth going to the end of the world, and you will be able to do it once you’ve finished eating it (if you manage to eat whole). This burger is magical and it really is totally different from others, you will never be able to taste anything like it, no matter how hard and long you are looking for.

Another really interesting dish, very popular among customers along with burger is “Cureci popijeti” – turkey meat stuffed with goat cheese and spinach and then rolled in bacon with cream made of cheese and spinach. And for those who love eating fish there is Salmon in crust of sesame and flax served with mangel, potatoes and lemon.


One of the newest dishes on the menu is “Pankerka” (punk girl) - chicken breasts in panko breadcrumbs with grilled vegetables and cheese and yogurt sauce.

Whatever you choose you won’t make a mistake. And you can always come again and try something else.
Restaurant has devoted a lot of attention to little once. Besides playground that we’ve already mentioned there is also kids menu. Portion sizes and tasted are tailored according kids needs and likes. Your little ones will enjoy eating fried chicken breasts with french fries, or you can order grilled chicken breasts with french fries, or spaghetti. There is also special promotion – if you come for family launch on Tuesday, your kids will eat for free.


If you are in hurry and don’t have time to sit and eat you can order takeaway. You can do this personally or by phone. Besides all the dishes we mentioned there are also a lot of cooked meals. Takeaway is really great option for busy people who don’t have time to cook. You can also eat breakfast in restaurant, which is served until 1pm.

When it comes to drinks you fill find huge wine list, from domestic wines to foreign ones. There are also other common drinks like beer, juices, coffee, cocktails… But in the summer you order some special refreshing cocktails like homemade lemonade with mint, or homemade ice tea with melon.

In restaurant “Tamo daleko” you can also organize celebrations and gatherings, like business lunch, birthday or wedding. Restaurant capacity is 60 people (inside) and with outdoors you can invite up to 70-80 people. As we said few times already interior is so beautiful, you won’t be needing to add any additional decorations.


Perhaps one of the biggest advantages, when it comes to practicality is private parking that this restaurant owns. You can enter parking lot for Takovska Street or Vojvode Dobrnjca Street. We said that this is the biggest advantage because finding parking space in center of Belgrade is nearly impossible, and on top of that you are time limited, you cannot stay as long as you want, so restaurants parking lot will let you enjoy and don’t even think about things like where to park car.

Many celebrities are visiting “Tamo daleko” on regular basis, so it can easily happen that you stumble upon some of them. Keep in mind that they are regular people like we all are and that they came to the restaurant to enjoy and relax.

Working hours are: Monday – Saturday from 9am to midnight, kitchen is working until 11pm. During summer working hours are Monday – Friday from 9am to 6pm, and Saturdays from 12pm to 9pm.


After all the things we wrote about this restaurant you must be wondering about prices. After reading all this you must be thinking that prices are really high, and that’s where you are wrong. Prices are actually normal, we could say common. For main dish you would need to pay from 590 dinars to 1490 dinars, and for breakfast from 269 dinars to 599 dinars. Those are really common prices, but in this case they are low considering the quality of the food.

At this point we can only tell you to go to “Tamo daleko” and see for yourself. Picture is worth a thousand words but in this case no picture or words in the world can describe you the feeling.

Share with us what you think of “Tamo daleko”, your impressions and reviews. Also if you want to visit Belgrade, please choose your ideal accommodation from the list of Belgrade apartments, and we will be glad to show you our fantastic city