List your apartment on Airbnb


Airbnb is an online marketplace and community that connects people who are looking to rent their homes with people who are looking for accommodations. 

This article will explain you benefits of listing an apartment on Airbnb as well as guide you through whole process step-by-step to get the most out of Airbnb.


Why should you list your apartment on Airbnb?


You can list anything on Airbnb, from single room, apartment, entire house to a castle. And you don’t need to pay anything, it’s completely free. You can promote your property through titles, descriptions and photos, and set pricing and availability. People all over the world are looking for accommodation through out Airbnb. With that high traffic you have the potential to generate extra income from your home, doing nothing. All you have to do is list your property on Airbnb and wait for money to come. Don’t wait any longer, go and register right now!


How to List an Apartment on Airbnb?


To get the most out of Airbnb follow this step-by-step guide and you will be done in no time.


Step One


Go to the Airbnb login page, select ‘Become a Host’ in the top right corner of the homepage. You’ll be directed to a form where you will need to fill in the most general criteria of your property. 





Additional Tips:

Home Type: Select the option that best describes your place, you can hover over each home type with your mouse to get brief description. If you click on the drop down menu to the right more options will be shown.

Room Type: Choose the room type that suites the best your accommodation,  this will help you to attract the most appropriate guest for your property. If you are not sure what is the best choice, just hover over each room type with your mouse and you will get more information. 

Note: “Entire home/apt” means you are granting guests access to other amenities on the property, such as a pool house or a garage. Similarly, the “Private room” option includes access to your living room, bathroom, and kitchen. 

Accommodates: Here you select maximum number of people that can fit in your place. This doesn’t mean only number of beds, you should count in sofa bed and inflatable mattress too. 

City: Select the city where your property resides. Once you begin typing the name of the city Airbnb will automatically suggest all relevant matches. After you select the city you will be able to press continue, and move to the next step.


Step Two


After pressing continue, you will be directed to Sign up. You can use your Facebook, or Google account to sign up.





Step Three


Basics: After signing up, you will be directed to continue filling in more information about your property. First you will need to fill in “Basics” section. Most of the information in this section should already be filled in. At this point you can add missing information or change the ones you have already selected. When you are finished press “Next” button.





Step Four

Description: You will have 35 characters for Title and 250 characters for Summary. 

Title is the first thing that people will see, make sure to make it interesting to capture attention and unique enough to accurately represent your property.

Summary should cover the major features of your property. It should explain to people why is your property unique and why should they choose it. 





Step Five

Location: At this section you should fill in all the information about the property location, Country, City, Street address…





Step Six

Amenities: In this section you will get the list of features. Select those you have, make sure you don’t skip anything, some people can be turned off by lack of some features.







Step Seven

Photos: Even thought you have the ability to add as many photos as you want, we recommend you to add around 10. The first 3 photos are the most important because they frame the window into your listing before users make the decision to click into the post or not. Make sure you add high quality photos that show off amenities and other features unique to your property. 





Step Eight

Home Safety: You will be asked for information such as where are safety features located, emergency exit instructions, emergency phone numbers… Make sure to fill in all required fields since these information are really important in case anything happens.







Step Nine

Pricing: Airbnb will suggest a price for you to charge based on the information that you’ve provided so far as well as on trends currently shaping the local rental market. Select the price for one night and currency. Airbnb suggests that you start off with a lover price, then raise it after you get great reviews. Anyway you can always adjust your price after publishing. You can also offer discounts for longer stays by setting weekly and monthly prices. If you click on “weekly and monthly” text that is just above “Next” button, it will open new section where you can add amount of nightly and weekly discount in percentage. Weekly discount will apply to all reservations that are 7 nights or longer, and monthly to all reservations that are 28 nights or longer. 





Step Ten

Calendar: You will have three options here. The distinction between them lies within when will your listing be available. Select “Always” if you want your listing to stay on the Airbnb market indefinitely, “Sometimes” if you want it to remain available only for specific dates or a fixed periods of time, “Specific dates” if you want it to be limited to a single fixed period of time. You can always manually update your calendar to block dates or make them available. 





Step Eleven

Profile: Both guests and hosts must complete their profile. This is important for you as much as for your guest. You will get to know more about the person that is staying with you, and your guest will also get more information about you.




After you’ve finished filling in all the information, and you are satisfied with the listing, you are ready to publish it. Make sure you have been honest while filling in your listing, it won’t take long for the truth to come out, and you can lose more than you get. 

If you haven’t registered yet, do it NOW!

Now you are all done! Make yourself comfortable, and wait for the money to roll in!