How to choose an Apartment in Belgrade?

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Belgrade is always swarming with visitors - from tireless backpackers to business people, clubbers, tourists and different people from all walks of life. All of these people have one thing in common when coming to Belgrade, they need a place to stay, plain and simple.

Most visitors don't have the good fortune of having friends and family that can host them and that's why it can be quite troublesome to find an adequate accommodation without any hassle. Most people will opt for a hotel or a hostel, but others will look for something different - something that offers the same amount of comfort and privacy as a hotel but isn't as expensive. If you are considering to rent a Belgrade apartment, we at Apartments in Belgrade can surely help you find what you need. 

When booking an apartment there are a few things to consider:

1. What's the purpose of your travel?
2. How long are you planning to stay? 
3. Are you traveling alone, with a companion or family?
4. What's your budget?
5. Are you willing to cook for yourself or go out to eat? Are you willing to wash your own clothes like you would at home? 

Apartments in Belgrade

Considering all of these factors, you should think about what kind of an apartment best suits your needs. For example, if you are coming to see your favorite band in concert, consider booking one of our New Belgrade short stay apartments, since the concert is most likely to be held in Belgrade Arena. If you have a disability or have difficulty moving around, choose one of our apartments that are specially equipped to ensure a pleasant stay for you. These buildings have elevators, wheelchair ramps and are in the vicinity of private clinics and public hospitals. 

Traveling with kids is always an adventure and sometimes a challenge. Renting one of our apartments is surely a better option than staying in a cramped hotel room or in a hostel with people you don't know. If your kids are picky, you can easily cook their favorite meals and make them feel at home. You can pick an apartment close to one of many Belgrade's spacious parks and spend a wonderful day outdoors with the kids. 

Our apartments offer a feeling of comfort and privacy, more than all other types of accommodation. They come in different shapes and sizes, with different levels of luxury but they all offer a unique sense of relief and make your stay as cozy and pleasant as possible. For example, there's no need to pack bulky items such as a hairdryer or a bunch of towels as they are all waiting for you in your apartment of choice. You can even ask your host to stock the fridge for you, for an additional fee of course. Many of them have their own parking spaces or can find one for you in the vicinity of your apartment for a small amount of money. Aside from all that, you can get a discount depending on how long you're planning to stay. 

Finding an apartment is quite easy when you know exactly what you are looking for. However, many of our customers contact us without knowing exactly what they need, and with the help of our staff they always end up finding a place that is perfect for them. When planning your trip to Belgrade, take into account the things we mentioned in this article and you'll see how easy it is to get everything you wanted out of your accommodation. If you have any additional question, contact us, our staff is always at your disposal. 

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