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Belgrade Apartments for a day are an ideal solution for tourists and business people alike, who are planning on staying in Belgrade for a short period of time.

Although apartments in Belgrade are usually rented for at least a couple of weeks or a month, we do offer the option of enjoying the comfort and luxury of our apartments for a day or two. Staying in hotels is a luxury a lot of people cannot afford and the quality of accommodation in hostels is just not enough for some people, especially ones traveling on business. We at Apartments in Belgrade, came up with an idea to bring together the best of both worlds, and offer only the best accommodation to our customers - Apartments for a day or two.


Apartment for a day

Apartments for day are an ideal solution for those who are staying in Belgrade for shorter periods of time. Apartments in Belgrade offer high quality apartments for day at very affordable prices. And since we are always looking to meet our guests’ needs, we offer apartments at various locations throughout the city guaranteed to make you feel at home with the highest level of comfort and privacy. It doesn't matter if you're staying one or two days, a couple of weeks or a month, we can accommodate you. There is no need to worry about the location, we are sure that you can find an apartment close to whatever place or even interests you. Belgrade city center or any other neighbourhood like Vracar or Zvezdara all have apartments that have very good access when it comes to public transportation and moving around the city. Take a look at our list of short stay apartments in Belgrade to find your perfect accommodation today.


Apartments in Belgrade provides you with the opportunities to rent an apartment in Belgrade for a short period of time that best suits your needs. Besides that, Belgrade Apartments for day are all in attractive locations in every Belgrade neighbourhood. We have to point out that these apartments are all completely equipped with every gadget that a modern day comfortable apartment should be able to provide. The degree of comfort in our apartments is the same as in any hotel, dare we say even better. These apartments can accommodate from 1 to 10 people, at very affordable prices. We are constantly trying to improve and ensure that your stay is as pleasant it can be. 


29 Sep 2020
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