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We at apartments in Belgrade did some research and gathered some important and useful information on how to pack for a trip, so we decided to share this information with you in order to make your trip as pleasant as possible. We are sure that some of these tips will make your packing much easier wherever you go.

First of all, you need to find the right accommodation and book an apartment of your choice. If your your destination is Belgrade, and you're looking to rent an apartment in Belgrade we will help you, as always.
Before you go on your journey, you need to pack, which sometimes can be a real nightmare. Apartments in Belgrade, besides providing you with the best accommodation Belgrade can offer, will also help you pack.

We here, at Apartments in Belgrade, would suggest that you first make a list of necessary items. Just remember how many times you came back from a vacation thinking ‘Why did I carry this when I didn't need it’?
So first of all, make a list of all necessary things, do not let yourself drag around a suitcase full of things you don’t need. Our experience tells us that women always need a lot of items in their luggage, but some men are also guilty of this.

Aslo, when you pack, put your suitcase on the bed and not on the floor, as you won’t need to bend down, which will make the job much easier on your back.

Our team also suggests that when you pack, you should try rolling your clothes – it will give you more space, and fewer creases. You can pack some of your nicer things in nylon bags, put your socks in special bags and pack them inside your shoes. Vacuum bags are also quite helpful when packing winter clothes.


Bring your travel pillow, it will make sleeping in a bus or a plane much, much easier.

Try to travel light – pack your personal hygiene items, some sort of first-aid kit, a map of the city, and start your trip with a perfectly packed suitcase. 

Yours truly, Apartments in Belgrade!



29 Sep 2020
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