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After you have decided where you want to go, first step in planning vacation is accommodation. Booking right accommodation is crucial. It needs to have everything you need and it needs to be on right location. But should you rent apartment in Belgrade or hotel room. We will give you pros and cons for both, it’s up to you to decide.


The most important thing is price. Vacation can be really pricy on its own. There are too many things that you need to pay for. First is of course transportation. Whether you are going by bus, car or plane it can be pretty expensive. And on top of that there are always some things that you need to buy, some new clothes, bag, toiletries… 

When it comes to hotels in Belgrade prices vary a lot. It depends on number of stars and location. But anyway cheapest room you can get is 75€ per night and up. If you come across some discount you can get it for 60€ per night. 

On the other hand you can rent apartment in Belgrade for as low as 30€ per night. But if you are looking for something more luxurious you can get apartment from 45€ and up per night. Please check out more in our section on Belgrade apartments rental.
When you book cheap hotel room you must know that you will get only basic necessities, but that is not the case when it comes to apartments. Most of apartments have same amenities only difference is number of rooms.

Amenities and rooms

Once you book hotel room that is pretty much it, unless you book hotel apartment, but that is pretty expensive. Price for hotel room usually include breakfast and parking space.

When booking apartment in Belgrade you can choose from one room apartment to few bedrooms. Every apartment has kitchen and bathroom. Plus you will have Wi-Fi, hairdryer, washing machine and many more things at your disposal. In Belgrade parking can be a bit tricky, some apartments have their own parking space, but if they don’t have it you can always park your car on public parking lots.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

As we said when you book hotel room you get breakfast included in price. You can also get all inclusive if you want. While when renting apartment in Belgrade none meal is included.

Once again it is up to your preferences. Most of hotels will serve you European food, those are some common meals in Europe, but not traditional Serbian. If you came to Belgrade to get to know more about history, tradition and culture, you would want to taste some Serbian food. And for that you would need to visit some local restaurants. But don’t be afraid, if you don’t like domestic food you can always dine at some international restaurant.


Last but not least is location. While most of hotels are located in center of Belgrade, they are also located in main streets – with a lot of traffic and noise. If you are coming to Belgrade for relaxing vacation noise is not what you are looking for. Of course good side of hotels location is that you are in one of the main streets as soon as you step out, but downside is all the noise and traffic.

But what if we tell you that you can be located in center of the city and have peace and quiet vacation? That is where apartments in Belgrade come. They are also located in center but most of them are not in main streets. This way you will get all you want. 
Also one great thing about apartments in Belgrade is that they are located all over the city. So if you don’t want to be in center, but in some other part of the city, you can easily find apartment you like.


As you can see there are pros and cons for both. While in hotel you will get full service you won’t be able to taste life of a common citizen. On the other hand even though you won’t have meals provided in apartment you will be able to learn more about Serbian culture and tradition. 

Now it’s up to you. What is more important to you? Once you answer this question you will know if you should book hotel room or apartment in Belgrade.