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Everybody love perfect something. When you go to shopping you love perfect seller, sellers love perfect buyers… Same goes for the accommodation – guests love perfect hosts and hosts love perfect guests. 

Why should you be a perfect guest?

There are few reasons for that. When you go on vacation somewhere it might happen that you really liked the place and you would like to come back again. Actually this situation is not that rare at all. In this case being a perfect guest is something you can benefit from. If you leave great impression next time you wish to come your host can give you a better offer or discount. And also if your host really liked you, you can get departing gift.

Besides getting something material in return you might get something even better – friendship. Friends are not something that you can’t buy but they can last lifetime.

How to be a perfect guest?

Now that we covered why, we should explain how. Really, it’s not that hard. Mostly, those are things you are already doing, but let’s list them just in case you forgot something.

-    Follow house rules

This is really common thing that everybody should be doing. Following house rules is important for you. We’ve already been writing about this, so you can check Apartments in Belgrade House Rules article to learn more.
Besides avoiding problems and unpleasant situations, by following house rules you will also leave a great impression. Your host will know that he can count on you, that you are responsible person and someone who won’t be causing any problems.

-    Don’t bother your host

Of course host is there to help you and he should be on your disposal always, but that doesn’t me you should be bothering him 24/7. If you encounter any problem you should contact your host. And you can always ask him about directions, great restaurants, recommendation about what should you visit etc. Those are all normal things. But don’t expect that your host will be happy to answer your call in 3am just so you ask him where you should have breakfast tomorrow morning. Questions like that can wait. 
Don’t forget that your host, besides being there for you, has his own family and friends, work and other things that require his attention.

-    Be polite

Being polite isn’t some innovative tip or trick, it’s common thing, it is something we all are already doing. Being polite is something we all learn at young age, things like saying good morning, good day, good bye, please and thank you etc. In conversation being polite means listening what others are saying, not interrupting them while speaking… 
So be polite with your host. Have a small chat, try to learn something about him, if he wants to talk – great, but if he won’t – don’t be pushy. Do not try to force conversation, it won’t get you anything good, it can even have completely opposite effect.

-    Stay true to who you are

Don’t try to be something you are not. Being honest is best thing you can do. People can feel when you are dishonest, when you are pretending to be something you are not. You won’t feel comfortable pretending, other person won’t feel comfortable, and your whole conversation will be unnatural. 
Be natural and be who you are. Of course some people might not like you, and that is normal. Not everybody will like you, but those who do will worth your time and effort and over the time become true friends.


As you can see being a perfect guest doesn’t take time or effort. Most of the people already are a perfect guests. These “tips” are nothing new and nothing closely related to accommodation and traveling. These are actually “life tips” something you should incorporate in your everyday life. 
If you are already following all these tips we congratulate you, you are officially a perfect guest. And if you are not then try to remember them the next time you travel.

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