Belgrade kebab

Belgrade kebab

Drama ćevapi

Dositejeva 7 Beograd, Belgrade

Belgrade kebab Center

“Drama” kebab restaurant is located in the center of Belgrade, in the old part of town in the Dorćol neighborhood, on Dositejeva street nearby the National Theatre, and that’s why their most common patrons are the actors of the theatre. The kebabs are made only from pure beef and they are the only dish “Drama” has. The kebabs are sold... read more

Kebab Drama ćevapi Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 10:00h to 12:00h
Kebab Cevabžinica Jevtić Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 07:00h to 22:00h

To je To

Bulevar Despota Stefana 21, Belgrade

Belgrade kebab Center

“To je To” kebab restaurant offers a wide range of traditional Balkan cuisine meals with the king of all, the Sarajevo kebab. Ćevapčići, how they were nicknamed, are made by following an old family recipe that was passed down for generations. Furthermore, “To je To” offers savory sudžukice, brizle and other veal specialities, as well as turkey skewers, chicken meals... read more

Kebab To je To Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 08:00h to 24:00h

Ćevap kod Dekija

Strahinjića Bana, Belgrade

Belgrade kebab Center

“Ćevap kod Dekija” is the perfect choice for fans of gourmet specialities and dishes from the grill. It is located in the center of Belgrade on Strahinjića Bana street. The almost unbelievable taste of grilled meats and gourmet meals will make even the pickier of guest want to come back for more. Still, if you're fans of steak, veal liver,... read more

Kebab Ćevap kod Dekija Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 09:00h to 01:00h